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Athlon or Intel?



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  1. 1. Athlon or Intel?

    • Intel Pentium 4
    • AMD Anthlon XP

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AMD all the way due to lower core temps and a larger internal cache.

I didn't vote as I dont have or use an 'XP' version. Using an AMD Athlon 64 4000+ [san-Diego] so... no 'XP' in it at all.

edit: didn't realize this thread was as old as is said it was. I saw it near the top and automatically assumed it semi recent. Didn't even check the date of the first post. Sorry :(

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most the time i use intel so i cant really say amd however i use an intel celeron :(

and ive only ever used an amd k6-2 350Mhz which ran well but im more likely to get a Pentium for than an AMD Athlon

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