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Whats your ISP?


Whos your internet service provider?  

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  1. 1. Whos your internet service provider?

    • AOL
    • BTOpenworld
    • Freeserve
    • NTL
    • Tiscali
    • Other (please state)

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Would anyone believe? :P

I'm using a flat-rate unlimited GPRS for my internet connection

LoL :D :D

slow, only 48-56Kbps maximum, but I like the mobility as I can use it anywhere in my country as long as I got cellular signal :P

There aren't many WiFi hotspots here, and they're just too expensive for me :D

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my parents have rogers hi-speed lite here. its pretty decent, 20 bucks a month for 1mbps dl and 128kbps upload. its very good for what i do, just browse the net and dl stuff. we got it split on a wifi network for everyone here at the house. i can be anywhere in the house with my laptop and log onto the forums :thumbup i love the forms :D keeps me company when theres no one around, this summer is gonna be boring.

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Tiscali 2Mb down uncapped for £17.99 a month...there is alot of traffic on my line so i can see really slow periods of only 60KB/s and + but i havent had any problems to complain about so far so im happy

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I use a 2MBit ADSL line with flatrate. ISP is GMX who resells the lines of our former monopolist Deutsche Telekom (T-Online, T-Com, T-Systems, T-Mobile are the divisions of Deutsche Telekom). In the next weeks I get ADSL2+ with 20MBit Flatrate.

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plus.net - fantastic, never had downtime or issues with line

8mb line, 2gb cap at £14.99 a month.

each excess gb is £1.50, but they are quite good on this as have gone over a never been charged

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was with freedom 2 surf but since they added caps and trafic prioritisation i have left them and moved to zen (who have since added caps but fortunatly not to exsisting users) so far they ahve been very very good

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