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  1. You are talking about ISO of the Windows version! It 's your original Windows 7 version? Hello Yes ! I made an iso from my DVD for the pratical side So when i use a folder, it's same it freeze. Going to test the v3.0 ^^ Thanks
  2. Hello i have one question about this version : Here is my configuration Windows Seven Home Premium x64 Core 2 Quad 6600 + 4Go RAM + Velociraptor WAIK for Seven + SP1 Installed RT Seven Lite 2.6.0 beta installed ISO of the Windows version Working directories for extract etc So i have followed the guide on this topic, but it was so long ! It seems frozed when i load the iso file (same if it was a working directory) Slipstream SP1 (once with an error, other time ok but no response) Then i have no return of the program. So i have to kill processes and unmount temp wim etc There someone have an idea why ? Thanks
  3. Hello Windows 7 > NFS Hope this topic, will help you ++


    Hello You can do this 1) Copy your XP CD into a folder onto your harddrive (like XP_SRC) 2) Create a second folder (like XP_DEST XP_FINAL) 3) Make the changes you want with nlite 4) A the final step you can save the modifications onto the second folder via an iso image. But i don't thin you can avoid the previous change without recopy entire CD. ++
  5. Hello You have this french tuto, which explain some modifications http://www.windows-ultimate.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=477:modifier-limage-et-les-couleurs-des-textes-du-setup--winntbbudll&catid=58:les-tutorails-pour-la-creation-vista So you need to have those tools first MAKECAB WinntBBUED And some time
  6. Hello Try this tool, with google you will find some tuto's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BartPE ++
  7. Hello The restoration procedure of Ghost, when you are using an recovery image will replace any backup bytes. So if your backup took 10GB, the restoration will replace the 10GB pattern including boot .... If your backup is clean (without virus), it will be ok. I don't remember as well, but with the boot cd i think you can use tools for hard drive : to do a "normal" format. It will be long but it will ensure no viruses. Hope it will help you
  8. Hello you have the synology 110j for your budget. (max 130€) http://www.synology.com/enu/products/DS110j/index.php i have bought since 3 months the ds410j and i am very happy of it You have also QNAP etc, but for simplicity Synology is better i think ++
  9. Hello Very useful tool, thanks. Gonna to test it soon ++
  10. Hello If you searched an alternative to Fluke softwares to map your network or have some useful informations about your network you can try SpiceWorks. It's a fully free software. http://www.spiceworks.com/free-network-monitoring-management-software/?swsrc=windowsnetworking-link-Apr2010 I have tested it, and adopt it ! Hope it will serve you too
  11. Hello Good to be back on mfsn ! Thanks for this useful UL ++
  12. Hello Try this utility ! Very useful tool i think. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=121357 Have a good day
  13. Hi Me, i like this actress. Its a good news for her. Wish she will stay long time with her husband. Very good interpretation in "The Eye" movie i think @+
  14. Hello Winrar for some years ! but i was fed up to buy it or cracked it ! oups ! So welcome 7-Zip, the best compression software even if it doesn't have all compression format. but in 7z, it has a wonderful compression ratio ! Try it, love it !
  15. Hello Interesting but why not use nlite ? ++
  16. Hello Gonna to update my XP source installation with it and SP3 :-) thanks

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