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How to integrate icl files?

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I have extracted some XP icons and put them into icl files (icon library files).

I've made a reg file, so the icons get changed (eg. from shell32.dll to shell32.icl). The shell32.icl for example contains all the shell32 icons from windows xp.

In a windows 2000 that's already installed, my reg file + icl files work very well and I get a nicer look under w2k. (I do really prefer the classic skin under XP though I think some XP icons look nicer than the old w2k ones. I prefer w2k over XP, so that's why I want some newer icons under w2k)

Now my question is how I could integrate these icl files into a install CD?

Most icl files have to be copied to the system32 folder, some to the winnt folder.

Would it work if I put the files into HFEXPERT or do I have to make a silent installer for that?

(Maybe some sort of tomcat76s silent installers - like the one that integrates the classic skin for wmp9)

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That's pretty cool. Would you mind sharing the files? To slipsteam, use the HFEXPERT folder for the ICL files (you need to create your own folder structure there), and place the REG file in the HFSVPK folder.

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im just wondering why u want to use an icl instead of just replacing the icons in the shell32.dll and then modifype it and recab it.

So that anyone can use it, and it doesn't have to be updated over and over in the future.

Edit: Why the NO AZUREUS icon, and link to Firefox Myths? :huh:

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Yeah, I can see not using Azureus unless you need its features. I've been using uTorrent for a couple months now, and so far it's been great.

Firefox is slow, and Opera is a higher quality, but I really wouldn't quote or link to that article. The author is....questionable. The article has been disproven on about 30 or 40 different sites, and the author spammed it under roughly 12 aliases on what appears to be hundreds of different forums and review sites. He's also generated quite a bit of negative feedback regarding some great programs, like ccleaner.

I'd use one of these types of buttons instead. You attract more flies with sugar, which seems to be working for Spread Firefox. :thumbup

Edit: Tomcat, I read your posts in that thread, and you've gained some respect. :)

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I will share the files here, but the shell32.7z that's most imortant got 399kB and seems to be to big to attach.

Some explanation:

What I did more or less is to scan the registry for DefaultIcon entries noted the file names and compared the XP icons of these files to the 2k ones. XP files that contained the same icons as the 2k ones, I excluded.

This first package I'll try to share contains the most important files. I started prepairing some more files that will only give marginal to enhancement (icons for some exotic file extensions and some other things) - these are not ready yet.

This post contains the most important icl files minus the shell32.icl

In the next post I will include the registry files.

Note: I think that it's not possible to change all the icons without resource hacking. But a big part is possible without. Yea an the heck - even XP contains some old style icons.

Some more icons could be changed by changing some shortcut icons - but that's then another thing...


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So here come the registry files.

The ForHFSLIP folder contains the reg file if you want to HFSLIP the icons. It does not contain any current_user entrys - I think if it's hfsliped from the start, only hkey_local_machine entrys are necessary - the ones in current_user are generated after that from the hkey_local_machine ones - at least I think - have to do some testing on that.

The ForInstalled folder contains the reg files if you want to change the icons on an already installed windows. The BackToOldIcons subfolder contains reg files to switch back to the old icons.

The icl files have to go into the same folder the corresponding .exe/.dll/.cpl file is.

Do the things on your own risk. I've tested it a bit and for me it works fine. If you want to go sure that nothing goes wrong you could use an "unistaller" eg. easyclean - now ashampoo uninstaller that can register all the changes that happened to the registry and can do an an undo afterwards.

You can see the changes if you log off and on or deactivate/activate the show icons in all possible colors in display properties.

In the next post I'll try to post the shell32.icl


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Just if someone is interested...

To extract the icons I used:

XN Resource Editor

A program that can generate icl files is for example:


I removed the 32 bit versions of the icons. I'm not sure but I think w2k does not support them and I could see little difference between the 256 color version and the 32 bit version. The files are smaller as well.

The ",-120" icon adressing that works with .exe/.dll/.cpl does not seem to work with the icl files. (That would be the some sort of name of the icons). The icl files have to be adressed start counting with 0 upward. So the order you put the icons into the icl file is important.

I prefer having icl files over separate icons - it's more compact and it's easier to change the reg entires.

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Hi Bugs!

Thanks for your work, now my 2k looks lovely ;)

As I don't have Windows on C:, I tried to create "partition-free" configuration , 'cos your regs want to associate some icons from inexisting folders. So I made a cmd file from your one. It's attached to this post. :) Maybe it will be usefule for some people ;)

Also I have some doubts... 'Cos I still have old icons of mouse and keyboard in Control Panel. Can you help me in getting rid of them? And one more thing, are you sure, that one of the lines should look like that:

Key: "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C4EE31F3-4768-11D2-BE5C-00A0C9A83DA1}" Value: "DefaultIcon" , and not like that:

Key: "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C4EE31F3-4768-11D2-BE5C-00A0C9A83DA1}\DefaultIcon" Value: "@" ???

Everywhere else the second pattern is used...


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