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  1. Perhaps - or perhaps it's exactly as I'm supposing it is - leftover drivers. I have a feeling if I do a fresh install on the unworking drive, it'll work fine. Of course, then all his info is gone, unless I back it all up first.
  2. Are you saying if you plug in a spare drive to the same IDE cable it works fine? Yep. Exact same cable, mobo port, and slave DVD drive. I know doing a fresh install will work fine, but if there's a way to get into safe mode, I can avoid doing that...
  3. I had some trouble figuring out the BSOD error code, because it reboots so fast, but yes, it appears to be a 0x0000007b. Unfortunately, your suggestion doesn't help. First, the HDD is a PATA drive, and the CD has been slipstreamed to SP3. Windows installs absolutely fine on a secondary drive I had lying around, so the problem must be related to old drivers that aren't being purged. If anyone has any suggestions on how to kick it out of wanting to install windows, so I can get into safemode, please post.
  4. Someone I know brought me a computer to fix. His old mobo died, so he got a newer one and new CPU. I had told him to "just do an XP repair install and install drivers off the CD when you're done". He followed the first part to the letter, but never got to the second. Unfortunately, the repair install doesn't seem to have disabled all the old mobo drivers, so it BSOD's immediately upon trying to enter Windows to resume setup. I tried to enter safe mode, but safe mode simply informs me that Setup cannot resume while in safe mode, and then reboots. How do I get into safe mode to purge the bad drivers, and complete the repair install? I have multiple other computers available, as well as a drive enclosure, so if it involves mucking around, simply provide instructions. Thanks. Oh, and he'd prefer not to have to reinstall everything - although if clearing it off is the only option, I suppose he'll have to. I just hope it isn't, since I'm sort of responsible for this mess.
  5. Realtek HD Audio for onboard 7.1 setups requires hhctrl.ocx, to access it in the control panel. Without access to this panel, there is no way to enable 'Stereo Mix', which lets you record what you hear. Major problem for screen recording software like FRAPS, but easily fixed by copying the file over to your system32 dir, or adding it to keepfiles in nLite.
  6. You're selecting components for removal. If you want to keep languages, start over, and don't select them.
  7. Isn't Dell like Acer - they ship modified CDs that restore the contents of the HD, rather than providing a disk that can do fresh installs? I use ImgBurn for all my ISO burning. Both Nero and nLite's burning give me disks with file copy errors, or problems booting.
  8. 1) It worked fine without 'CPU Intel' on my single-core Athlon XP. 2) 3) nLite 1.x RC Preset: TimeZone = (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana nLite 1.3 RC2 Preset: TimeZone = (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana nLite 1.3 RC2 Dialog: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana They appear identical to me.
  9. Well, a while back I decided to finally upgrade my system, since my old one didn't cut it any more. I picked up a cheap X2 3800+, and a cheap mobo(which fried), so now I have a DFI Lanparty 590. For some reason my X2 shows up with 1 core in the task manager, and CPU-Z. It shows up with two in the device manager, but did not at first. Neither CPU was displayed until I stopped removing 'CPU Intel'. (I'm curious why an AMD CPU needs that component?) I can use -A0 and -A1 on shortcuts to direct programs to whichever core I desire, but programs don't actually pick up that there are two cores. Most curious. So anyone have a clue why nLite is doing this? 'Hardware Support\Multi-Processor Support' was left untouched. 2) Something I also stumbled across - the Windows CE USB Host is used for Firewire and USB on this board. It'd be nice if nLite mentioned that this component can be used for such purposes. 'May be linked to Firewire and USB support on enthusiast motherboards.' Beats having no description at all. 3) nLite keeps forgetting to load my timezone from a preset(GMT -8:00). Unless I set it in the unattended settings every single time before processing, it prompts me when installing windows. Cheers!
  10. Maybe something like GeoShell would interest you. You have to design your own UI, yes, but it's faster than using the Gecko engine.
  11. Kramy

    Stop Error!

    Err...I'm not the same person as above. I resolved my issue by using brute force...that is, I tried to eliminate every single possibility. Flipped floppy disks, floppy drives, used alternate IDE/floppy cables, flipped DVD-RW to CD-ROM, and disconnected all non-essential devices. Nomatter which floppy drive I used, just reading off the floppies would corrupt them; the next time a RAID driver was copied off, it would be filled with garbage and useless. I had to use several floppies and trade them out between file reads. The only reason I can come up with for that happening is some obscure motherboard problem that I've never encountered before... Now that Windows is actually up and running though, the system seems to be performing quite well, at least in benchmarks. Just pray I never have to set up another RAID array on that motherboard again!
  12. When integrating into Windows XP Home, the error message comes up. For Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000, there is no error message on my system, but it still blue-screens midway through installation. The partition screen looks really awful; my RAID array is listed, but so are all the single drives, and if I press the down key enough it BSODs. I have gotten Windows to finally install on this system, but something in nLite could possibly be improved.
  13. Not sure why, but seems unattended CDs don't like my Biostar TForce 550. Good thing to know if anyone plans on getting an AM2 system. I resolved all blue screens by attended-installing Windows 9 times. The first 8 times it had BSODs at various parts, all without a filename listed. The last time it made it through. -I copied to RAID drivers to several different floppies and flipped floppies every time it wanted the files. After files were read off a floppy, the disk would be useless and require a format. -Half way through the 9 attempts, I flipped floppy drives and got some new floppy disks, to make sure that wasn't the issue. Between the BIOS issues, RAM issues, IDE port issues, floppy disk issues, and driver issues...this mobo certainly has kept me busy! On the bright side, now that I finally have it working, HD Tach has informed me that my 4 drives in RAID-0+1 have a burst speed of over 360MB/sec! Awesome way to end the day!
  14. Kramy

    Stop Error!

    I get the problem 100% of the time, except when booting into safe mode. The error codes from the BSOD are as follows; for me, there was also no file listed: 0x0000007E (0xc0000005, 0xBAD88174, 0xF78DDD44, 0xF78DDA40) 0x0000007E (0xc0000005, 0xBAC0B174, 0xF78DDD44, 0xF78DDA40) - After disabling tons of services. No eventvwr errors, and no problems with devices in the device manager. All BIOS options configured optimally(USB legacy keyboard support OFF, all BIOS shadowing off, caching off, etc.) I have tried using nLite to integrate drivers, and just integrating a RAID driver with a floppy. Both methods fail, so I have to assume the problem is with a Windows driver, and not one of the ones I am using. I'm going to enable memory dumps, and after that try installing to a single drive. If I still get the BSOD, then something in Windows is screwed on my system. FYI, I have a Biostar TForce 550, Athlon X2 3800+, and 4 Seagate 320GB drives in RAID.
  15. Whenever I integrate RAID drivers with nLite, I get a generic error message stating that 'The parameter is incorrect.' It pops up twice. Despite the helpful error message nLite is giving, I suspect the issue is more driver related than nLite related. When using a floppy, the same drivers complain about a sudden end of file, so my guess is it is .inf related, but I can't be sure. Anyone know what the problem is? Biostar TForce 550 motherboard.
  16. Resolved. I feel like a nummy nut not being able to figure this out...but I'm having a huge challenge installing XP Home on a Biostar TForce 550 with 4xRAID 0+1 320GB seagates. Just what drivers do I need for RAID on such a board? No cryptic or undetailed answers please; I tried the drivers off the site, and they all fail, both with nLite Integration(which pops up a generic error message when slipstreaming) and via Floppy/F6. I also just finished trying every single nvraid driver I could find on the CD, but they didn't make that easy, since there's about 15 of them on it. The most logically named one(MCP55) also causes BSODs before the HD partitioning screen. Figuring maybe it was an XP quirk, I tried it with Win2k, and that also failed. Basically, the drivers actually wanted by the device are nowhere to be found(unless I'm blind), which leaves hardware defects on the table. Can anyone help by confirming that I am blind, by pointing to the exact (working) drivers I require? I figured I'd ask in the nLite section, since an nLiter is the most likely to have tried before.
  17. No, I mean WildBill. He created the Delphi tClock mod that allowed semi-transparent skinning of the taskbar, although last I checked that project had fallen silent too. I have not been in contact with Dels for a while. If someone did create a 32bit Win2k icon patch, then my workload would be limitted to extracting XP 32bit icons and setting them up with an XPize installer. The conversion aspect would be totally gone, which would make it loads simpler and quicker. Good results could also be attained by just about anyone, and given the number of people that want to see this project bear fruit, I think there would probably be lots of volunteers. All it would take is someone making a batch script to divide the files containing icons into 10 or so groups, and then let 10 "grunts" do all the extracting and saving work. The XP icon aspect of X2k could be completed incredibly quickly if there was no chance of mess ups and no conversions required. Hah, aren't I dreaming?
  18. I would love one. That could have saved me a lot of time converting icons. I think Wild Bill had some knowledge of why Win2k can't display 32bit icons properly, but I don't know if he has enough knowledge to crack or fix it. I imagine someone with tons of assembler knowledge would be required for that sort of low-level GDI fix that can't impact anything within the DLL files that perform those operations. That or someone that has access to MS source code. Just a guess though, since I really have no idea what displays stuff on-screen or what I'm talking about.
  19. Hi everyone. I got a PM from Squeeto, so decided to fill this in. X2k is an ambitious project compared to XPize(read on). I've done more icon modifying than I think Dels has, so I know the scope of what must be done. I offered to convert the XPize icons into non-alpha format, but we apparently had a misunderstanding over what was wanted. For almost all icons there's no quality difference between 24bit non-alpha and 8bit non-alpha, but the size difference is huge. I stated that I was going to continue converting 8-bit icons, and once I am finished I will release them for anyone that wants them. Since then I have discovered other things. For one, XPize icon quality is severely degraded by removing the Alpha layer. This has led to me manually recreating most XPize icons myself in 8bit; a lengthy chore. I then noticed that I was missing some files, so built a batch script to locate the files that need patching. I actually discovered that there's 1633 files remaining in order to put all XP icons into Win2k, so it's going to be a while before I get those done. Hope that clears things up in relation to where I fit into X2k. Right now I'm also busy setting up a business, so I won't have much time throughout the summer. If someone wants though, I can put together what I've already done. Right now I have a slew of exe files marked "perfect", "good", "acceptable", "redo", etc. If people don't mind having varying icon quality or little red X's on ones I marked to redo, I can throw them into the USP exe's and put that up somewhere. Hopefully MS won't get too huffy over redistributing system files. -Kramy
  20. Kramy

    Codec slipstreaming

    I imagine dual-core will have slightly more overhead for threads, shared resources, etc. The performance difference would probably be minimal on any computer with hyper-threading...but I have a Barton XP, and it only does one thread at once as far as I know. Swapping threads is more inefficient, which is part of the reason I got into ISO reducing; to remove processes and all that junk. I'll check my CPU usage in this install while watching a video, and in my next one, and then compare.
  21. Kramy

    Codec slipstreaming

    Awesome. I plan on doing a reinstall in a couple of days. Hey....7-Zip reports Quicktime.qts invalid CRC for CODECS.rar. And why do you have the dual-core Xvid release? 1.1.x was the last single-core optimized version as far as I know. I don't know how that works, but I guess it's the number of threads they use or something?
  22. Kramy

    hfnetchk download

    Yep, I snagged a copy myself just incase it suddenly vanished, as it did. Edit: Ravashaak, would you care to share that syntax? Or should we just use /? on the exe to get it? I don't have MBSA, so I don't really need to know, but posting how to do it might be helpful for someone else.
  23. Kramy

    Community Project

    gdogg will publicly share his information. If you ask him a question he'll help you out. If you ask him(or nuhi, or Gurgelmeyer) for their source code or working project files....then you'll be laughed at. Not intended as a slight, and aside from that I have nothing else to add. I don't have Windows XP, so any windows modding will have to be with Win2k for me. I don't go nearly as deep as some of these people, and it would take me months to catch up with them, so I have busied myself with other projects. You might examine the What Not to Remove thread, or the wiki entry, for some additional info before you start gutting random files.
  24. Tain: I saw an article recently that said 67% of internet users in America were now on broadband. I don't know about Canada or Europe.
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