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Domain blocklist, revised.


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Domain blocklist, revised.

This file will add reported domains that may harm your system to the Microsoft Internet Explorer 'Restricted Sites Zone' ensuring maximum safety and occasionally suppression of pop-ups. By default all active scripting, coockies and downloads are disabled.

Please read more about understanding security zones at Microsoft.com.

The list is a revised version of this thread.

Frequently asked questions:

How will I benefit from installing this blocklist?

Installing this blocklist will significantly reduce the risk of being infected with spyware, malware, adware, dialers etc. while operating online in a Microsoft Windows environment, covering Internet Explorer (4.0 or higher) and Windows Media Player. Any infected files already on your system trying to access a listed domain would be blocked.

Why not just use my favorite antispyware app?

You should! However this blocklist will provide a way more complex list of reported domains than most antispyware apps, and by implementing this list to the registry your computer would be (at least somewhat) secured even if the end-user should uninstall an antispyware app. Using this blocklist will also not use any system resources.

Why are the 'Restricted Sites Zone' in Internet Explorer still empty?

To ensure the blocklist applies to all users the domains are added to HKLM and not HKCU, causing the 'Restricted Sites Zone' to appear empty. This is also done to prevent the end-user from modifying the list. If you would like to show the domains you could remove the following regkey.

-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains

'Restricted Sites Zone' blocklist vs. Host file.

A hostfile may seem more secure as it will completely block access to the listed domains and any content (including pop-ups), however it is reported to significantly slowdown your system performance (startup, initialize NIC, browsing etc.). Using this blocklist is tested not to cause any slowdowns even on low performance systems.

If you wish to protect Internet enabled apps, such as Firefox, then use the HOSTS file.

Will this file block ads and pop-ups?

No, this file is not a pop-up or adblocker, but will occasionally block unwanted pop-ups and redirectors.

Will the blocklist work on Windows 98?

Yes it will.

Ok, this all sounds too good to be true, how do I add it to my UA installation?

With many thanks to Yzöwl the blocklist is now available in both batch and .reg version. Whatever version you prefer please note that applying this file before T-12 will not work, so apply at cmdlines.txt or later.

NOT so frequently asked questions:

May I help you keep the list up to date?

Yes, you may!!! Feel free to contribute and report domains (add/remove)...

File stats:

MD5 checksum: 2AF8CB0E1CCCF739C9E9904BBEFC7250

Release date: 12.03.2006

Domains included: 7552

Files in .rar archive:



Domain_blocklist.txt (plain list of included domains)


Download rar archive ~200kb - Credits to RogueSpear for hosting space.

Domain_blocklist.reg ~1024kb - (Same as in rar archive, provided for easy autoupdate.)

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Only one q : - Does it make browsing any slower? i mean will IE search for the site in the whole domain list before givig access to the site n all?

It's all plain text. I'm sure it gets loaded into the system memory when you open IE, thus a performance decrease, if any, is hardly noticable. I still prefer to stick to hosts files. It's easier to disable them with a simple batch file.

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I still prefer to stick to hosts files. It's easier to disable them with a simple batch file.

This can be enabled/disabled with a batch file just as easily. Just make a batch that deletes the registry key that the block list populates. For an enable batch just have it import BoardBabes .reg file.

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I know most of you will be shouting at me for this ,

But i integrated this registry file today . I installed Windows Defender yesterday.

Now i am not sure what it was, but i was seeing quite slowness in my system after adding this file to the registry.

I remove this tweak , and system is better again?

So does it mean that my system was slowed down by this?

I have an AMD athlon 64 3000 with 1 GB ram !

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Not realy new ,i use this for years.

The fact that people are still maintaining after these years, adding to it and such, let's people appreciate it more. But if you use a browser like Opera, you don't even need to worry about spyware. If you download something via Opera and run it and it contains spyware, that's your own fault.

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Nice work I use sort of the same thing but I add a extra zone to my Internet Explorer Security Tab,

this has a bunch of block addresses in it. All The Block sites apply to all users on this computer.



share with us also your list!!!!! :P

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