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  1. Thank you for the tip... unfortunately it did not resolve the problem (I even tried rebooting a few times to be sure).
  2. Hi GL! Thank you for your reply - it has given me hope. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate the suggested string DowncaseSPNBecauseApiOwnerIsTooLazy anywhere in the registry of any of my 2003 terminal servers - for the record none of them are R2 and they are all running SP2.
  3. Thank you for taking time to respond. Yes everything is nicely setup in active directory. Even if the changes are made as soon as the user logs off and back on the changes are gone and the printer is again incorrectly setup. I have tried to make a script that would fix it but the only way I can get it to work is remove the registry entry using .REG/batch goto regedit press F5 so it updates and THEN it will allow the creation of the new entry (with the same name but different case). I would prefer to rather find out WHY it is not working on this one server but working perfectly on the 3 other servers we use.
  4. Alright I actually made a little bit of progress myself. If i go to HKCU\Printers\Connections\,,server,PRINTER03 for a user that has the problem and change this to HKCU\Printers\Connections\,,SERVER,PRINTER03 then it works. This would be annoying to do for all users and not everyone is supposed to have this printer and the problem also applies to new users. Does anyone have any tips? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hello, We are using economy software called Navision which was originally developed for DOS but has since been bought out by Microsoft and is now running under Windows. Our issue is when you type in a printer path in Navision its case sensitive so if i tell Navision to print to \\SERVER\PRINTER03 and the printer is mapped ad \\server\PRINTER03 it will not print. We have 4 terminal servers and on one of these servers one printer is mapped as \\server\PRINTER03 where the other printers are mapped fine as \\SERVER\PRINTER01, \\SERVER\PRINTER02 etc. this is driving me crazy!! I have played around with dontprettypath in the registry but this does not change anything when the printer is actually mapped/connected. Could any please provide some ideas etc. as I am going insane over this!
  6. Hey Bad Boy You can do this using the netsh command. It should be something in the lines of: netsh interface ipv4 set address "Local area connection" gateway BLAH BLAH :-)
  7. Hi all! I recently bought a PS/2 KVM switch and am now trying to use it with my primary computer. However I can only get the keyboard to work. I have 2 mice, one usb with usb -> ps/2 adapter and one "real" ps/2 mouse. Windows XP does not seem to detect the ps/2 mice. I tried booting from a Ubuntu Linux and then both mice work as ps/2 no problem. Obviously I tried connecting the mice (one at a time) directly to the computer PS/2 port - but without luck! Today I tried reinstalling Windows XP (Pro) in pure desperation and not even during the installation does it detect the ps/2 mouse :-( I am out of ideas!!! someone please help!
  8. We are setting the name by the MAC address :-)
  9. Argghh got this again today... are you sure there is nothing I can do to aid in the resolvement of this annoyance?
  10. An alternative is to setup everything as you want then save it as a .theme file and include it in $OEM$\Resources\Themes and winnt.sif :-)
  11. First it asks me if i want to connect to Windows update to look for a driver (I disabled this in nLite but maybe it doesnt work until install is finished?) I click no, not this time - install automaticly & next... it finds the driver itself - i click done and installation completes no problems! How do I get rid of this annoyance ?!?! PLEASE! :-) LAST_SESSION.INI
  12. I am REALLY interested in doing this as well! Any advice would be very welcome!
  13. I just got this error as well (didnt get it before - not with 1.2 RC either) I am using 1.2 RC while getting the error. I have attached the LAST_SESSION.INI where I got the error and the one before that where I didnt get the error. On a side note: nLite seems to have completed and even though it closed nLite when I clicked OK button I could still make a perfectly working .ISO afterwards with nLite's output/work EDIT: NO! It installed and logged in my administrator user fine the first time - after that reboot something was messed up :-( LAST_SESSION.INI LAST_SESSION__205209.29_14.54.39_.INI
  14. thank you Nuhi! That fixed it for me :-)
  15. Hmm I wish this would work for me :-( Im trying to get it to work on a Windows XP Pro OEM SP2 DANISH (DK/DAN) using AutoIT beta It just opens up with Wireless configuration window (Named: Guiden Installation af Trådløst netværk). I tried calling the compiled exe directly and also using a ini - still no joy Any tips? :-)
  16. boooggy, yes I read your post and understand it perfectly fine. What I am dazzled about here is WHY does Windows Update want me to install it then? Just for clarification - the hotfix that refuses to integrate is filename WindowsXP-KB925486-x86-DAN.exe. Here you can see this PC is indeed running XP SP2: Aha! boooggy I see there is also a file named WindowsXP-KB918899-x86-DAN.exe which IS for XP SP2. First, thank you for taking time to respond to my post. Secondly, I feel your second response was somewhat rude if what you meant was I was simply using the wrong version of KB918899. Anyway have a nice day
  17. Hmm this topic has been up before, but Avast Free/Home version needs a serial from a free registration. It is illegal to distribute this serial. Therefore the package needs to without a valid serial hence making it unusable!
  18. No I'm serious I will get a screenshot made so you can see for your self. Anyway until then, what about hotfix KB925486?
  19. Hi Nuhi! First of all I am using nLite to update a Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM Danish (DAN/DK) With the new 1.2b I seem to be having problems with the following 2 hotfixes: (KB918899) ie6.0sp1-kb918899-windows-2000-xp-v2-x86-dan.exe nLite says this hotfix is not for my version of Windows KB925486 - Hotfix integration failed. Both of these hotfixes show up on Windows Update on first visit after installation of XP. Thank you for your help. Best regards -druid
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