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[Desktops] 2006

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Here's stock ubuntu 6.06.1 running gnome 2.14.3:


It's very nice, boots quickly and it's efficient (uses an avg. 110mb of ram). I think new kde features transparent windows and bars afaik.

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@'Dagonet : Very nice! :thumbup

@Parvez : Welcome to MSFN! :D

Here's mine for August, a fresh install of XP (only a week old, so it ain't slow yet :P ).

Click images to enlarge.

  • My as-yet-unreleased visual style
  • Systray clock is Clock+, part of the CFI ShellToys suite
  • jetAudio in toolbar mode with my skin (also in progress)
  • ClocX, Rainmeter, Rainlendar, RocketDock, Yahoo! Widgets


My Rainmeter system check (icons clickable).

Toggled by Rainmeter's systray icon, which also measures disk activity. (Awaiting permissions to release.)


Longhorn Inspirat Brico Pack (great animations) with my VS and some favorite icons.

iColorFolder and Y'z Shadow also installed.


Ultra-clean Start Menu because almost everything's in RocketDock and some ShortPopUp menus (look in red box).


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