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[Desktops] 2006

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I really love your desk :wub: , once again your VS is beautifull, can you give the name or a link for this one?


I got a fan :wub::)

the first wallpaper i used:


the second wallpaper i used:


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everyone has such good ideas, i just wish i could come up with stuff like that.

anyway, heres mine for this month. plain as always, but i like the default microsoft ones, except vista glass <_<

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PNG is much better for screenshots since it does not alter colors and shapes like JPEG but it's also much bigger : my screenshot weights 1.6MB with Paint and 1.1MB when compressed with IrfanView, highest compression.


Details : RKLauncher + AveDesk (with VirtualConsole; had to make an installer because I couldn't get it to work otherwise :wacko: , there's also a net monitor for avescripter) + first minimalistic wallpaper found on DA.

TODO : Samurize, some missing icons and a shortcut that does not open windows explorer at the correct place.

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Updates: Samurize (still have to remove HDD space meters and add some others)


I hope you don't need to reda the adress bar to know what website I was visiting. :)

A already fell in love with this virtual console. :wub:


NB: the "thing" on the left was meant to be a landscape. :D

I thought this desklet would be unuseful but you can also save what you made.


The AHK script you see lets you select during installation which VS you want to be installed with Windows. Dialogs are in french ATM and paths are relative but static. Once this is be corrected (with switchs), I'll publish it.

I also have the same for wallpapers.

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