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[Desktops] 2006

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Most of you are probably wondering why there's no "Best of May" thread yet.

I've been busy with my personal projects; I'm trying to get a nice blog up and running while I'm fighting my need to create some visual stuff such as themes, wallpapers, skins, icons and a large etc.

You already know from a time to now I'm not as active as always but I'm trying to keep an eye here (I visit the forums everyday indeed). Just wanted to let you know it.

Now I'm requesting some help, it would be nice if you (people) at the time of posting, could say something like "I would love X to be on current month contest". If I pick the desktops, I can choose my favorites but not YOURS.

So patience with me please :)

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My first post into the desktops section :hello:

I hope my entry is worthy lol.

Clean: Clicky!

Messy: Clicky!

My theme is called Roue Theme (Can't remember where I got it now, sorry!), I'm using RocketDock with all of the icons replaced with high quality PNG's which took some hunting down :) Rainlendar is what you can see in the bottom left corner with it's default theme. I have my taskbar set to auto hide for a real minimalist look :D

Excuse my wallpaper though heh, its a photo I took on my phone at this year's Download Festival, it's grainy I know but its a picture I've fallen in love with. It was a sunset at the main stage on the final night of the festival with tens of thousands of people coming in from all directions, perfect picture moment for me!

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