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  1. Hi guys, looking for a bit of advice, so i just splashed out on a technet subscription............ alot of money to mess about with software. Anyway, i got server 2008 setup in VmWare, just playing around with network infrastructure and active directory before i start college next week. Now what i was wondering was, if it was possible to setup exchange server on the VM and use outlook on the host to retrieve e-mails. Bit of a complicated, wierd an probably inefficient setup, but am just looking to learn everythin, and while im saving up for my own server thought i'd do a bit of research. An while were on the subject, can i get my server setup in vmware and then image it onto the server when i buy it??? Many thanks guys Iain
  2. Can i leave the dhcp server enabled on my router for the families pc's and laptops to get their ip from, and have my server do the dhcp for my laptop while i am playing around with the server. Its just that i dont want to have to change every comps ip setting every time i make a change. Will i have to set up my servers dhcp to lease out on a diff subnet???
  3. Ahhh dynamic DNS, remered i have used that once before a few years back, as soon as you mentioned it. Im just installing Server 08 on my desktop for a week or two as a secondary OS, while im waiting for the grafix card. So looks like im going to have a few experiments to play with.
  4. cheers guys, that stuff about the wifi was just what i was looking for. Just one more question regarding the static ip. Because i use a router and asdl connection, my ip will stay the same unless i restart the router, or disconnect and reconnect. In those circumstances would i just not edit the dns forwarding details, thus saving me the need to get a static one. I am only planning to set up personal web site and email, so there is no business dependancies involved.
  5. Hi guy's, hope someone here is able to help. I have recently bought a new computer, and am wanting to turn my old computer into a server. Roles of server are - File And Print Server - Website & E-mail Server - Automated Backup - RIS at a later date Operating system I am going to use for the server is Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64. I wouldnt mind implimenting Active Directory to authenticate client pc's on the network, and also off-load DHCP from my router to my server. Now the one thing i am having trouble understanding is 'How will my Wi-Fi Connected Laptop Connect to the domain??' The laptop uses a Belkin 54Mbps PCMCIA add in card and uses Windows XP Pro SP3 wireless networking to connect to the router at the mo, so will it just be a case of leaving it connecting to the wireless router, but using the server as its DHCP server, or will i need to get a wireless PCi card for my server and implimenting a new wireless network. Also, if i install a 'One-Click' DVD Encoding software on my server, will i be able to access that from my client pc's and use the servers hardware to encode the dvd, or will that be done on the client pc???
  6. Got it after many many hours of serching. For those who might be interested Link Thank you fairyprincess for your help
  7. Thank you very much that is very handy, thank you for looking into it for me, but it only works for items it opens new windows for, if for example you click on desktop background, that opens in the same window, it still comes back with explorer.exe with no commandline. Any one have any ideas???
  8. Or anyone atleas know where i can find out???? Many Thanks
  9. Hi, does any one know how to create shortcuts to the different parts of control panel, by that i mean like in the Personalise, you have screen resolution, wallpaper, screen saver themes etc, i know about creating a link to the corresponding .cpl, but there doesn't seem to be one for everythin, so i was just wondering if there were argument involved. Many Thanks Iain
  10. Sorted now, used a debug script of another forum and it worked like a charm. For those interested here it is.
  11. Sorry been away for a while and only just got back. When it wont boot it just gets past the P.O.S.T and then nothing, just stops. Have tried setting the drives in diffeerent orders but still nothing. Have tried FIXMBR and FIXBOOT but with no posotive results. [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect One of my friends has recommended trying to debug my drives but after a little reading up am a bit affraid it will screw up my drives. Many thanks Iain
  12. Dont reall know where to post this but hope someone can help. My pc wont boot unless it has a windows bootable CD/DVD in the drive. It first started when i had Vista installed but as i was planning to go back to a dual boot setup i didn't bother looking into it as i though it would fix when i re-formatted. Now i have formatted and installed XP, the problem is still there. Am not going to stick Vista on incase i need to re-format. Anyone have any ideas???? Many thanks in advance Iain
  13. Mine said it couldn't register some dll file, but is works without any problems whatsoever after the installation process. Have had that one before with the version i got on cd with my phone. But get that it cant access a registry key now with the one i have d/l from the nokia website.
  14. @neo Same here, is it the one that says something about not being able to access a registry key???
  15. Has anyone successfully got Nokia PC Suite installed and running, i have tried quite a few time and keep getting errors during install. Am using;- Vista Ultimate 32bit AMD x2 4400+ 2gb ram Many thanks IAin
  16. Thanks for your replies, have only just started looking into this area, and xcopy and delete was the only way i could find/understand to move things. The folders 2 OFFICE, 3 SECURITY, 4 SYSTEM & 8 VIDEO were created by silent instellers created by my friend, which i have pinched off his unattended install, and i cant figure out how to change the path the shortcuts are installed to. Many thanks Iain
  17. Hi, hope some one can help/ I am trying to script my clean-up.cmd to organize my start menu but can only get a couple of things to work. If someone could scan over my script and give me some pointers, or, if some one has already done this, post their script so i can have a look and try to figure out what to do, i would be most appreciative. CLS @echo off TITLE Windows XP SP2 - Clean-Up IF EXIST D:\CD.txt set CDROM=D: IF EXIST E:\CD.txt set CDROM=E: IF EXIST F:\CD.txt set CDROM=F: IF EXIST G:\CD.txt set CDROM=G: IF EXIST H:\CD.txt set CDROM=H: IF EXIST I:\CD.txt set CDROM=I: IF EXIST J:\CD.txt set CDROM=J: SET PR=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\ <--------Have tried setting this to %USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\ SET DC=%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\ SET SC=%CDROM%\EXTRAS\ SET AP=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ <------Have tried setting this to %ALLUSERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\ ECHO. ECHO Restarting the PC in 2 minutes... shutdown.exe -r -f -t 120 -c "Windows XP will now restart in 2 Minutes!!" ECHO. ECHO Deleting Temp Installation Files... RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\DAEMON\" ECHO. ECHO Deleting Desktop Shortcuts... DEL /F /Q "%USERPROFILE%\DESKTOP\*.lnk" DEL /F /Q "%ALLUSERPROFILE%\DESKTOP\*.lnk" ECHO. ECHO Organising Start Menu... XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%PR%\3 SECURITY\Ad-Aware SE Personal.lnk" "%PR%\UTILS\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%PR%\3 SECURITY\Spybot - Search & Destroy.lnk" "%PR%\UTILS\" DEL /F /Q "%PR%\3 SECURITY\Ad-Aware SE Personal.lnk" DEL /F /Q "%PR%\3 SECURITY\Spybot - Search & Destroy.lnk" RD "%PR%\3 SECURITY\" ------------------------------------------------------------Everything Up To Here Works--------------------------------------------------------------- XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%AP%\NLITE\NLITE.lnk" "%AP%\UTILS\" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\NLITE\*.*" RD "%AP%\NLITE\" DEL /F /Q "%PR%\Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal\*.*" RD "%PR%\Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%PR% DISK\*.*" "%PR%" RD "%PR% DISK\" RD "%AP%\ESET\" RD "%AP%\VIDEOLAN\" RD "%AP%\ULTRAEDIT\" RD "%PR%\UNLOCKER\" RD "%PR%\2 OFFICE\" RD "%PR%\8 VIDEO\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%PR%\MAGICISO\MAGICISO.LNK" "%PR%\UTILS\" DEL /F /Q "%PR%\MAGICISO\*.*" RD "%PR%\MAGICISO\" MKDIR "%AP%\Apps\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%AP%\CUCUSOFT VIDEO CONVERTER\Cucusoft AVI to VCD DVD MPEG Creator Pro.LNK" "%AP%\Apps\" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\CUCUSOFT VIDEO CONVERTER\*.*" RD "%AP%\CUCUSOFT VIDEO CONVERTER\" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\GAMES\*.*" RD "%AP%\GAMES\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%AP%\NEODOWNLOADER\NEODOWNLOADER.LNK" "%PR%\UTILS\" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\NEODOWNLOADER\*.*" RD "%AP%\NEODOWNLOADER\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%AP%\OBJECT DESKTOP\WINDOWBLINDS.LNK" "%AP%\APPS\" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\OBJECT DESKTOP\*.*" RD "%AP%\OBJECT DESKTOP\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%AP%\SMART PROJECTS\ISOBUSTER\ISOBUSTER.LNK" "%PR%\UTILS\" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\SMART PROJECTS\*.*" RD "%AP%\SMART PROJECTS\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%AP%\Sony\Sound Forge 8.0\Sound Forge 8.0.LNK" "%AP\APPS\" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\SONY\*.*" RD "%AP%\Sony\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%PR%\4 SYSTEM\Everest 3.00.626.LNK" "%PR%\UTILS\" DEL /F /Q "%PR%\4 SYSTEM\*.*" RD "%PR%\4 SYSTEM\" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\WINDOWS MESSENGER.LNK" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER.LNK" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\MSN.LNK" DEL /F /Q "%AP%\ADOBE HELP CENTER.LNK" DEL /F /Q "%PR%\OUTLOOK EXPRESS.LNK" DEL /F /Q "%PR%\REMOTE ASSISTANCE.LNK" DEL /F /Q "%USERPROFILE%\START MENU\*.LNK" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%SC%\SHORTCUTS\UTORRENT.LNK" "%USERPROFILE%\START MENU\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%SC%\SHORTCUTS\RESHACKER.LNK" "%PR%\UTILS\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%SC%\SHORTCUTS\TRESIZE.LNK" "%PR%\UTILS\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%SC%\SHORTCUTS\FOLDERSIZE.LNK" "%PR%\UTILS\" ------------------------------------------------Everything From Here On Works-------------------------------------------------------------- ECHO. ECHO Installing Wallpapers... MKDIR "%DC%\Wallpapers\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%SC%\WALLPAPERS\*.JPG" "%DC%\WALLPAPERS\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%SC%\WALLPAPERS\*.BMP" "%DC%\WALLPAPERS\" XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%SC%\WALLPAPERS\*.PNG" "%DC%\WALLPAPERS\" ECHO. ECHO Installing Favourites... XCOPY /E /Y /I /Q "%SC%\FAVOURITES\*.*" "%USERPROFILE%\FAVORITES\" DEL /F /Q "%USERPROFILE%\FAVORITES\LINKS\*.*" DEL /F /Q "%USERPROFILE%\FAVORITES\MICROSOFT WEBSITES\*.*" RD "%USERPROFILE%\FAVORITES\LINKS" RD "%USERPROFILE%\FAVORITES\MICROSOFT WEBSITES\" EXIT Sometimes, cant remember whether its when i have set things to SET PR=%USERPROFILE%, or SET PR=C:\Documents and blah blah blah, it creates folders in the root of c: called, Start, Menu and Programs. Please could someone help, this is driving me crazy. Many Thanks Iain
  18. Hi, i have created an nlited setup, but during setup it throws up this message doesnt happen when i use my original setup disc. anyone know what this is or how to fix it many thanks iainstott
  19. Is it possible to install aplications from the cd using a batch script run from GUIRunOnce, if so, what command is it that i need to add to my batch file to set cd drive, i have searched the forums but cant find it. Many thanks Iain
  20. In the unattended section of nLite you can customize your TCP/IP settings for your network adapter and you can input all those things there. Cheers mate forgot to update my nLite
  21. @Sonic, so my batch file would look like this???? @echo off set interface_name=Local Network Connection rem ip netsh interface ip set address name="%interface_name%" static ip mask gateway rem dns netsh interface ip set dns name="%interface_name%" static dns_ip
  22. Is there anyway to incorporate TCP/IP settings Into an unnattended Install. Have used nLite to input my domain details and login details, but dont know how to add my Ip settings. Many thanks Iain
  23. I have installed vista rtm with the beta drivers for the audigy 2ZS, i have a 7.1 surround sound speakers but cannot get surround sound from vista. Anyone have any ideas Thanks Iain
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