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[Release] Adobe Shockwave Player


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So I just want to verify, neither this shockwave installer NOR the adobe flash installer with a silent switch are SVCPACK compatible?

I havent tested svcpack installations.

You should test for yourself; the only issue MAY be failure to uninstall.


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Hey Shark:

The links to flashplayer on your file repository are no longer correct.

Here are the correct urls:

ActiveX MSI

ActiveX EXE

Mozilla Plugin MSI

I can't find the URL for Mozilla Plugin in EXE format. At the time I checked, changing the .msi to .exe didn't work.

Thanks for all the work you do! I use your installers all the time! Keep it up!

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Following ricktendo64's url, I've found this:


Is there a way to run the Shockwave Player installer "silently"?

A: The Windows EXE and MSI Shockwave Player licensed installers offer a command line option for enabling ?silent? installs, which perform the installation without displaying any dialog windows.

* For the EXE (Windows, all supported browsers), use the /S option on the command line:
C:\>sw_lic_full_installer.EXE /S
* For the MSI (Windows, Internet Explorer only), use the /qn option on the command line:
C:\>msiexec sw_lic_full_installer.MSI /qn



I executed the EXE, and it doesn't asked me about the usuall crap...

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