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  1. Thanks for the 32-bit and 64-bit updates. Much appreciated!
  2. Alternatively, you could use a program such as Repackager (a part of the InstallShield suite) to monitor the installation and convert it to a .msi. Be sure to deselect Ask Toolbar during the monitored install. I have successfully done this multiple times on different versions of DFX (including 9.210).
  3. Now I'm getting the following problem. All I am doing to an unmodified image is enabling the pre-included games (Chess, etc...) to the Windows 7 Professional image. Again, I have installed WAIK for Windows 7 and the most recent .net 4 Beta. My host computer is running Vista SP1. Log file: WinIntegrator.2009_11_28T21_04_24.txt Windows Integrator Error: Servicing Directory Screenshot in WAIK: Anyone provide any insight on this one?
  4. I figured out why there was a problem. When I copied the folders from the DVD, they all were copied over with Read-Only permission. Prior to running Win Integrator, I had unchecked the Read-Only box for the install folder and applied this to all of its contents. However, apparently this was not enough, as a few stubborn files still retained their Read-Only status. I had to manually go into each file, and check to see if it was Read-Only. The *.elg files were a few of the culprits. I am simply integrating an update pack I found over at WinCert (by George King). I'll check the technet articles and see what each hotfix does...but, as I haven't installed Windows 7 on my mainbox, I guess I can't really be sure of the issues it will have yet.Thanks for the response Edit: I wasn't even aware that KB1xxxxx and KB6xxxxx were test updates. I'll remove them from my slipstream. Again, thanks for the info!
  5. A really nice feature to include would be the ability to integrate/slipstream .cab files! The .msu integration has worked flawlessly for me. However, all of the LocalPacks that are available for Windows 7 are .cab files, and 7customizer is unable to integrate them. A couple other tools allegedly integrate .cab files (stefanRTR's WinIntegrator, Legolash2o's Windows7Toolkit, and George King's Update.exe). These might provide insight into enabling .cab file integration.
  6. Your program is a great idea. However, when I used it to try and integrate updates/localpacks and enable built-in games, errors have closed the program. Kind of frustrating, as the process took about 1.5 hours before the program closed down. I am integrating into a vanilla Windows 7 image copied directly from DVD, and have selected Windows 7 Professional as the image to update. I have installed WAIK for Windows 7, and (obviously) the latest .net4 Beta. My host machine runs Vista SP1. I hope the attached log file helps. WinIntegrator.2009_11_28T09_12_42.txt
  7. can you reupload it or to another server i can't download it anymore and thx Same here please.
  8. I just wanted to thank you for your continued work on this program. I just successfully used it to slipstream some updates, and everything went flawlessly. I'm looking forward to checking this thread in a month or so to see what sort of new features have been implemented, and to read of all the bugs that you've patched. Great work! Your efforts are much appreciated! Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the list of tweaks. More documentation would be very helpful so everyone would know exactly what each tweak does, and can make better decisions about which tweaks to include.
  10. Hey Shark: The links to flashplayer on your file repository are no longer correct. Here are the correct urls: ActiveX MSI ActiveX EXE Mozilla Plugin MSI I can't find the URL for Mozilla Plugin in EXE format. At the time I checked, changing the .msi to .exe didn't work. Thanks for all the work you do! I use your installers all the time! Keep it up!
  11. Thanks for your willingness...but I found the problem. I was installing VMWare tools silent installer as one of my First Logon commands. However, the "/norestart" switch was not included in the silent install, so after installing like a good boy, the computer restarted. Anyhow, I just added the appropriate switch and all is good.
  12. Hmmm...I can't seem to find this second boot.wim you are referring to. Care to give any more details about where exactly to find it? Thanks for the help! **Edit**I figured out what you mean. Edit the boot.wim, but mount image 2...not image 1. Thanks!!
  13. Nice additions. Keep up the great work! One suggestion I'll make is that this whole thread would be better moved to the "Unattended Vista" section, as none of the tweaks here apply to Vlite. It is still very useful, but more people might find it if moved to the appropriate section. In regards to the guide, I have a few questions about this part: Modifying this file (oobe.jpg) only changes the install screen AFTER the contents of the DVD have been moved to the hard drive. The same holds true if you modify spwizimg.dll (both in Sources and in install.wim: windows\system32). There MUST be a file in boot.wim that can be modified to change the install screen you immediately see, but I have examined EVERY .dll in boot.wim to no effect. I have also changed the winpe.bmp (in boot.wim: windows\system32) to my own custom bitmap to no avail. My question: How can you change the install background you immediately see as the DVD boots and the first "Installing Windows" window comes up? --radigast
  14. Renaming the Administrator Account, HOW TO I've used these steps exactly, and it worked flawlessly.

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