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  1. So I just want to verify, neither this shockwave installer NOR the adobe flash installer with a silent switch are SVCPACK compatible?
  2. thanks alot, i figure it was something like that. My time zone settings also wern't taking effect, i assume that might change as well now, i'll be sure to try that tommorow.
  3. Hey, I've got an unnatended windows XP install that works great with the exception of the [Components] Section not taking any effect. The following is my integration process: Copy clean xp original to hdd Integrate SP2 Integrate WMP11 using WMP11 Integrator Modify WINNT.SIF file according to my preferences Add all hotfixes to i386/SCVPACK folder and add to svcpack.inf Does the [Components] Section have any dependencies to take effect? (either in the winnt.sif file or elsewhere?)
  4. I've been lookin around on the site but I havn't found any information on this. How does one slipstream IE7, WMP11 and Messenger Live into a XP installation? Is it simple silent install switches using their normal installers? also, when should I install each of these three (I'm doing a very basic unattended install only using SVCPACK to install service packs so far) thanks

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