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  1. Someone above said no go with Windows 7 x64.. well it worked perfectly fine for me and im Win 7 x64. scOOt3r
  2. Thats too bad that this software has to be removed due to complaints, if they actually released thier own verisons properly in the first place with NO BLOAT then we wouldnt have to have this happen.. too bad. My problem was i was trying to silent install instead of clicking on the exe file itself.. now english installed just fine. ScOOt3r
  3. I installed the Lite Version of Ita-Eng Nero, did my normal install but it didnt install in english. so i thought there might be a switch that i need to install the English version. Thanks ScOOt3r
  4. is there a special switch to install the english language, i installed it and its in another language.. ScOOt3r
  5. Wow finally someone managed to make a working version, thank you. ScOOt3r
  6. is there not a Office 2007 stripper.. what i mean by that is.. only install what you want.. and not all the programs ive got all the updates for Office 2007 but i dont need half the programs in there.. want a basic install of excel and word only ScOOt3r
  7. My apologies Mara i must have still had the older version, the new one works PERFECT! thanks again ScOOt3r
  8. mara- its the english installer, everything installs fine, i re-direct the shortcut to the proper directory but nero express just doesnt appear anywhere in that directory, burning rom installs fine.... ScOOt3r
  9. Well for some reason with the Micro Version i cant get Nero Express to install, ive tried several different ways but still no luck, its not a big deal as the lite version has it and installs fine, i just dont need the other stuff. ScOOt3r
  10. Thanks mara, worked great now. cheers
  11. not sure if the switches are correct for nero anymore....i used to have no prob installing them and they worked, i had to do a reformat and now all i get is Nero Burning Rom to install but not Nero Express nero_micro_9.2.6.0.exe /unattended /serial=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx weird how now only nero rom installs.. hope someone can help.. ScOOt3r
  12. i presume that this will silent install instead of a .ini file? ScOOt3r
  13. Great job alajua this worked like a charm, nice job. Happy New Year! ScOOt3r
  14. Great Job on the Micro Version Mara, this one worked like a charm. Thanks ScOOt3r
  15. Mara it worked Excellent for me when i cleaned up Nero, with their utilitiy. thanks again for all your help. Keep up the Good work. Now i will wait for the Micro Version, i only use those 2 programs anyways.. All the best in the New Year ScOOt3r
  16. ok i might have to go thru the registry and delete all entries for Nero, i dont have nero installed anymore so i will have to test that out soon. thanks for the quick reply ScOOt3r
  17. I will try again, maybe it was just me i will let you know how it works... Still i get the box where it says Select the location on where you want to install nero 9 select programs to uninstall See my Doc file ScOOt3r Nero9.doc
  18. Mara i did as exactly as the first post says nero_lite_installer.exe /unattended /serial=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX /verylite I used winrar to make a self extracting file, overwrite and silent nothing else. Silent=1 Overwrite=1 double clicked on my sfx.exe file and nothing extracted except for the nero- file. Hope this helps a bit. ScOOt3r
  19. great job on this Mara, it worked pretty well, only thing it didnt do was Silent Install only would work directly from .exe file but none the less its pretty simple to install from there. Now if it silents installs properly it would be Great. Merry Xmas! ScOOt3r
  20. I found Nero- on another site like this one and i downloaded it. but for some reason it is only 52,423kb in size, and it has nero burning rom, nero express and lots of others.. why wont this program get Nero that small Ive installed this version and it works great, no problems on this end. ScOOt3r
  21. I cant even get past the uncompress stage uniextract keeps telling me this: D:\Nero\Nero- cannot be extracted filetype returned was: Nothing Found (overlay) any ideas?
  22. Thanks Shark for the update, greatly appreciated and needed! ScOOt3r
  23. Thanks Acheron, this new build works like a charm as always. I really Appreciate it. ScOOt3r

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