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Total Number of Computers


Total Number of Computers  

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Wow, 7 in your room, do they all have mointors? how big is your room?

Its been brought down to six since I'm using one as a server now...

I have two connected to a KVM switch that share one monitor, I have two laptops (an Apple iBook and an old 150MHz NEC laptop). The NEC laptop has Linux installed on it. Then I have an old Mac Classic that has its own monitor (8" monitor) and another old Mac which is sitting in my closet, but still works! ;)

I've got a 1.7GHz Dell in my basement that no one uses (since my parents prefer using their laptops), two servers next to it (web/ftp server and a voip server) as well as my mother's laptop.

My father's laptop got stolen last week. Someone broke into his car IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY and ran off with it. I don't know how the robber saw it since my dad has tinted windows and was hiding it under one of his seats...

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2, soon to be 3.

Laptop - Main computer, all the work gets done here

Desktop - Server and soon to be multimedia center. I'm gonna get a video card that supports TV out so I can watch movies on TV with it.

Soon-to-be OpenBSD firewall - To protect all my computers on the network. :)

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