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What Virtual machine do you use?


What Virtual machine do you use?  

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  1. 1. What Virtual machine do you use?

    • Vmware
    • Microsoft Virtual PC
    • I don't use them, I test everything on my poor computer
    • I don't know what virtual machines are

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Hm... I just wanted to know what you guys are using atm.

I definately go for Vmware, since I believe Virtual PC is crap (although I have to use it sometimes) :wacko:

If your option is not listed (maybe a new program or one I never heard about), post here and I will be happy to try it too.

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yeah, the audio is better in vpc, but it has such a lack of options ....

I mean I want a snapshot option in vpc :angry: ! and of course vmware is easier to use. at least that is what is think.

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I'm supprised no one so far is using QEMU + QGui seeing as its free. I dont know how good it is. I would give it a try but I already have Virtual PC.

I want a snapshot option in vpc

Personally, I just make a copy of the VHD and VMC files. Then I have a copy of the OS in its current state.

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Thanks for the hint about the "snapshot". Never thought about that 'cause I use VPC just once in a while. But there are many more things that MS should fix at VPC (hmm.. my processor at 100%, that doesn't happen with Vmware).

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I just use my comp. If I dont want to damage anything I just slot in another drive.

I got 2x80gb 1x160gb 1x60gb all in removable racks. If I stuff something up I just reinstall the OS and do it differently. I just couldnt be bothered with virtual machines, prefer having everything run at full speed.

Also this way I can run Linux, (whatever flavour I like), win98, winxp, or anything else that I decide I want to try this week. :P:D

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VMware is more potent, esp. for the networking options, USB support, and installing Linux in VMs;

I've run VMware both in windows and Linux hosts and fully satisfied.

Recently though, I started using also VPC in order to run their windows XP-SP2-with-IE7 free from MSDN (time bombed demo, but for me a way to explore Windows XP). I'm not displeased with it, but it's not on par with VMware.

FWIW, cheers



edit: now seing this poll is very old. Sorry, or rather, not, for resurrecting it. If others want to take the poll we'll see how VPC is doing vs. VMware in these days...

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I use MS Virtual PC because that's what I used first, so all my disk images are in that format, it's free, and MS sometimes has disk images available for download, which are always Virtual PC format.

I've used VirtualBox and in some ways it's better than VPC, but I avoid it generally due to some bad experiences in the past that have since been fixed, I've just never felt like I needed to use it. When I need linux VM's I use it since VPC fails at linux.

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