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  1. Hi guys, Is there anyway to add multiple IP printer drivers to a Windows 7 machine? Can I host a website on my PC with all the printers installed? To add the printer, I just logon to the webpage, select the printer and the webpage will add the printer into the client machine. Also, I don't wish to use printer sharing through my server. Thank you for the advise.
  2. yup I did... but was overwhelmed with the jargon... also, one of the comments mentioned..."I was able to resolve these errors on my DCs by opening Identity Manager on our ILM server then going to tools, options, check the box to enable password synchronization."... but I wasn't able to find the Identity Manager... so sorry for being such a noob...
  3. Hi guys, sorry for being a noob in Server Management. Recently, I'm facing an issue with the domain controllers. I got this Event ID 6025 error which is under "application" of the Event Viewer. Here's the details of the error: Event Type: Error Event Source: PCNSSVC Event Category: Error Event ID: 6025 Date: 18/07/13 Time: 10:04:10 PM User: N/A Computer: DC01 Description: Password Change Notification Service received an RPC exception attempting to deliver a notification. The password change notification target could not be contacted. User Action: The target server may not be running. Verify that the target server is running. Additional Details: Thread ID: 5808 Tracking ID: 7d017f04-f759-4949-91b1-686e790346f0 User GUID: 1c4b53f9-e9bb-4744-a077-a8af6541524a User: CONTOSO\USER1 Target: contosobilm Delivery Attempts: 126 Queued Notifications: 1515 0x000006D9 - There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. ProcessID is 4752 System Time is: 7/18/2013 14:4:10:778 Generating component is 2 Status is 1753 - There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. Detection location is 501 Flags is 0 NumberOfParameters is 4 Unicode string: ncacn_ip_tcp Unicode string: bilm.contoso.net Long val: -647262927 Pointer val: 749296 For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. Hopefully you all can help me resolve this. Thank you!!
  4. Well, I can use the event viewer to check. However, its those paranoid users that raise this issue. So its not really possible for me to tell them to use the event viewer.
  5. Hi Is there any program that can list down a history of users, be it AD users or local users, that has logged on to the computer? Hopefully the list will include the username and date/time of the logon/logoff events. I know this can be done thru the event viewer but I just wanna know if there's a better and easier way to do this. Thanks
  6. its time to switch to firefox.... hehe
  7. Hi guys, with reference to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/263991: dn: CN=TestUser,DC=testdomain,DC=com changetype: modify replace: unicodePwd unicodePwd::IgBuAGUAdwBQAGEAcwBzAHcAbwByAGQAIgA= - it changes the password of the user account to "newPassword". May I know how to change the password to "P@ssw0rd" instead? Thanks
  8. hi and thanks for replying. i did not add/change any hardware. The system was also not offline for 6 mths or more... the most is 1 week offline. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I've a HP desktop that comes with Vista Business. Recently, the system prompt me for Activation. I then keyed in the Vista key found on the COA sticker. However, the system prompts me that the key i've entered is invalid. After which, the system ask me to activate via the automated phone activation. I provide the system with my installation ID, but the system says it's invalid. How can i going to solve this? Does this means that I'll have to reformat my system? Thanks
  10. roaming profiles will affect all the coms that are joined to the domain right? as for my scenario, i only wish to change the path of documents and settings for a com and therefore i cannot use roaming profiles. Correct?
  11. someone mentioned to me to try roaming profiles... is it correct?
  12. Hi guys, I don't know whether this had been asked... Alright, here's the scenario... I've setup a new computer for common use purposes and its joined to my company domain. Is it possible to shift the default user profile folders to other drive instead of residing in c:\documents and settings\<user_profile>? eg, when user "Abc" logon to the com, the profile directory will be in "d:\documents and settings\abc" instead of "c:\documents and settings\abc"? Then user "Xyz" logon, the profile directory will be in "d:\documents and settings\xyz" instead of "c:\documents and settings\xyz"? Assuming tat both "Abc" and "Xyz" is logging on for the first time on the com. Thanks for ur help!
  13. download the latest drivers?

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