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Changing drive letters...


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We're talking about changing the letter of the system/boot drive.

Does anyone know of a tool that will dig into an XP installation and change

all of the drive letter references (in the registry, .ini files, and

shortcuts) to some arbitrary letter?

Say I have an XP installation with a lot of apps that is D: on the

computer. I'd like to be able to point this tool at D: and tell it to

change *everything* over so that the drive boots and runs (successfully) as

C: without re-installing any apps.

Can Ghost or Partition Magic do this?


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Yeah, you cant change the drive letter of the system or boot drives through windows... :no: There may be some third party software out there that can do this ( I know that partition magic DOES NOT allow this either :} ) I will look into it a bit more and let you know if I find anything...

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Actually, guys.. this can't be done easily. The closest thing I have ever seen is the Citrix DriveRemap tool. It works well as long as you are doing it FIRST; that is, before you install any applications. Otherwise, there are simply too many registry entries, INI files, etc that make reference to where it is installed to be of use. Even with that dedicated tool, Citrix tells you that if you intend to remap drives, you must do it before installing any other applications.

To my way of thinking, if Citrix, who has been doing this type of thing for years and years can't do it, it can't be an easy task.

Just my two cents...

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