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  1. All you should need to do is run Setup.exe /admin from your installation point. Then, modify all the settings the way you want, and when prompted, save the resulting file into the Patches folder. When you launch Setup.exe from your GPO, it should pick up the MSP file and answer the questions. Good luck!
  2. You can't boot after you boot. It simply can not be done. The boot loader is designed to only read from one device. About the closest thing you could do is to have the DOS level USB drivers load, then call the USB CD-ROM, and do the same type of things you would do in the boot scenario. There has to be a floppy drive in this scenario, so I would advocate using this to boot, load the USB drivers (if available) then launch Ghost, Drive Image, or whatever tool you want to use from the CD. It can be setup to where when the .CMD file launches, all the rest is hands-off. This way, all you have to do is plug in the drive, pop in the floppy, then power up the machine. It's a pain, but in the scenario you describe, this is probably the best you can hope for. One final thing: I'm sure you already thought of this, but if the machines are less than a few years old, there may be a BIOS upgrade that will let it boot from USB. Good luck to you!
  3. Actually, guys.. this can't be done easily. The closest thing I have ever seen is the Citrix DriveRemap tool. It works well as long as you are doing it FIRST; that is, before you install any applications. Otherwise, there are simply too many registry entries, INI files, etc that make reference to where it is installed to be of use. Even with that dedicated tool, Citrix tells you that if you intend to remap drives, you must do it before installing any other applications. To my way of thinking, if Citrix, who has been doing this type of thing for years and years can't do it, it can't be an easy task. Just my two cents...

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