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what is Vista requirements ?


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Vista will ship on dvd ONLY.

So while definite numbers is not available at this stage, a logical conclusion is The OS alone will need 5 GB of hdd space. Plus allow for more space for apps and swapfile and hibernation, etc.

(just for comparison, Windows XP occupies 1.2 GB approx.)

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i was wondering the same from a time ago ... do u remember ...

"Microsoft is expected to recommend that the "average" Longhorn PC feature a dual-core CPU running at 4 to 6GHz; a minimum of 2 gigs of RAM; up to a terabyte of storage; a 1 Gbit, built-in, Ethernet-wired port and an 802.11g wireless link; and a graphics processor that runs three times faster than those on the market today.
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i remember reading what SiMoNsAyS posted there

its going to be a while till we get that stuff, the amd X2 4800 only runs at 2.4 ghz unless that is refering to intel which will still take some time

2 gigs of ram we all know is a must but i just hope that good 1gig sticks of ram will come out b/c the overclockers will be p***ed off

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