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Integrating Windows Update V6

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I am trying to integrate windows update v6 into my silent install for Windows XP SP2.

I downloaded the following cab files and extracted them using 7zip.
















I then compressed all the files by opening a command prompt in the folder where I had the files and running the following command.

for /F "eol=; tokens=1 delims= " %i in ('dir /a-d-h /b') do makecab %i

Next I copied the the following files to the i386 folder.

wuauclt1.ex_, wuaucpl.cp_, wuaueng.dl_, wuaueng1.dl_, wuauhelp.ch_, wucltui.dl_, wups.dl_, wups2.dl_, wuweb.dl_, cdm.dl_, iuengine.dl_, wuapi.dl_, wuau.ad_, wuauclt.ex_

This worked for Windows 2003 SP1 but Windows XP SP2 doesn't have the wups2.dl_ file in the i386 folder and simply adding it doesn't do anything.

I tried to modify the LAYOUT.INF but I don't think I did it right. I got a error 800b0100 signature for Windows XP is invalid when I tried to install XP :no: .

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what i did is

- uncompress all the cabs in one folder

- i then removed all *.CAT and *.INF files from the uncompressed folder.

- recompressed each file via makecab

- placed the recompressed files to the xpcd's i386 folder.

- updated an entry on TXTSETUP.SIF and DOSNET.INF to note some additional files (notably:wups2.dll).

i hope this help.

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Like boooggy said, you need to add the entry to txtsetup.sif, not layout.inf (I'm surprised you could even edit layout.inf without Windows setup throwing a hissy fit at you).

Now if you really want a challenge, integrate Microsoft Update and (the tricky part) get Tools...Windows Update to default to it (I haven't managed to figure that part out).

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This is how i do it,

you can get WU6 installed by going to this URL

WindowsUpdate v6

go ahead and install it.

the following list of files were taken directly from my

system32 folder after installing WU6.

I compressed them, and overwrote the existing files in the I386 folder.














Next, the file wups2.dll (also taken from system32) is placed in $OEM$\$$\system32 and during the runoncex installation proccess

i execute this command:

regsvr32 /s %windir%\system32\wups2.dll

Everything works great on a clean install.

This method defaults to WU6.

EDIT to update for all users

I've since determined that the following update is required by WU6

Here is a link to the windows installer update

Windows Installer 3.1 (v2)

if you download the above update you can extract the 5 updated msi*.* files from it with WinRAR, compress them, and also add them to your I386 folder.






Check for uncompressed versions of these files already existing in I386.

Delete them if they exist.


EDITTED to bring all the info into one file

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Did I understand correctly that wups2.dll is not to be compressed and put in i386? (Not both this and placed in $OEM$\$$\system32...)

nice catch. was another typo, no, dont place wups2.dll into i386

it wont get copied without further editting a few other files.

its easier to just place it, uncompressed, into $OEM$\$$\system32

especially since its a very small file anyway.


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you will be able to do a silent install

Have you tested this? What switches did you use?

If you extract the downloaded file it expands from 4.5mb to 41mb! And still no .msi inside!

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Thanks, I wont have time to test till at least this time tomorrow so was wondering if brosy had actually tested himself.

I will post back tomorrow any findings, but by then someone else may have done so anyway.

Might have a play with the extracted files, too as 99% of them are lang folders/files, so will try and just utilize the En parts to try a minimal install. (May or may not work knowing MS).

EDIT Mind you we are drifting from the orig thread as that was re: integration. But looks like its not worth the effort.

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Yes editing the LAYOUT.INF file was a big mistake as the install crashed. However I made a backup copy before I changed it so that was easy to fix.

I tried editing the TXTSETUP.SIF and DOSNET.INF but this didn't work. The wups2.dll wasn't copied to the system32 but I may not have done it right. I simply searched for wups.dll or wups.dl_ and added another line below it using wups2.dll.

The method of copying wups2.dll to the system32 folder and registering it using regsvr32 should work although I didn't test it. I had previously copied the missing dll to the system32 folder and registered it using regsvr32 and that worked.

Using the latest au client works for me. Since I will only be installing it on english systems I extracted all the files, removed nonenglish files and recompressed with 7zip. This reduced the size to under 2MB. I haven't tested it on a new install but it worked on my existing Windows XP system. :yes:

I would like to thank everyone for there help on this issue.

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