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Mozilla Vs. Internet Explorer


What browser do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What browser do you prefer?

    • Plain Internet Explorer (IE6)
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Mozilla Suite
    • Opera
    • IE based: Maxthon
    • IE based: Avant
    • IE based: CrazyBrowser
    • Other IE based (which one?)

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Firefox is better! Why? Here are some reasons:

-FF doesn't support ActiveX (like javascript with all local rights but without sandbox!)

-FF isn't bound in so heavy like IE, if IE has a bug Windows is bugged too!

- FF is w3c conform, IE not, where is the transparent png support m$ where?!

-IE seems to faster start up? because IE is loaded with explorer.exe (shell)!--> buildin windows problem!

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It's hard to say which is better since everyone has different needs. That being said, I use Firefox :)

Why? Easy tweaking, extensions and especially Ad-block. That one extension alone has made the internet more like the good old days when you could go to sites without being attacked by pop-ups or inline flashing ad banners.

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