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  1. I guess I have to install Windows Server 2012 just to find out.
  2. Is Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.4.1 working with Windows Server 2012?
  3. The hope here is that the trend will continue, undermining Microsoft's motivation to push the tile interface and the Metro Store. Maybe Windows 9 will look more like Win7 than Win8 now does. B) --JorgeA Let's hope so!
  4. Another satisfied "customer" today. My friend LOVES classicshell. He just bought a laptop today and came straight to me to "fix" it. Thank you again. Can't wait for v4.0. If v4.0 will replicate the exact startmenu of Win7 you'll make my day.
  5. I LOVE THIS PART, though. Can't wait for the final version. After installing classicshell start menu on a couple of computers, now a lot of people with brand new laptops with Win8 on it want this on their laptop as well. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
  6. Google play interface looks like a drawing of an 3 year-old kid. It's pretty...if you're in kindergarten. "Cloud storage"? Neah! I like to keep my stuff to myself. If you need mobility, then you create your own VPN or FTP. Maybe the costs are a bit higher, but at least you know that "someone" "somewhere" is not going through your private data without your consent.
  7. You can rest easy that Classic Shell is never ever going to force any design choice on users or remove any currently available option. Thank you, Sir.
  8. I don't like it either. I prefer v3.6.7 I don't want to deal with StartScreen or hot corners at all.
  9. I have to say a big THANK YOU to all the guys involved in this project. I'm a huge fan of Windows 98SE and KernelEx is giving me the opportunity to use Windows 98SE in 2013. So, THANK YOU guys for your wonderful job and the passion you put into it. :thumbup :thumbup
  10. ClassicShell works very well in Win8.1 and you can disable metro.
  11. @JorgeA: I'm talking about this: http://www.webpronews.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-compares-iphone-users-to-sheep-2012-04 Anyway, the big companies (MS, Apple, Google, Samsung) treat the consumers as sheep. Let's be fair on this one, but there's a sheep mentality for a vast part of the consumers out there. It doesn't matter anymore functionality, usability, productivity but "the newest toy around", even though the respective consumer will use only 5%"features and new capabilities" of the of the "newest device". I can can create and work on documents and spreadsheets using Win98SE and Office97, but hey, it's much much "cooler" to use" Win1.0+touch when it works" (aka Win8) and Office 2013 (which looks like a neutered blank piece of paper). Every dumb-a** "IT analyst" speaks about "security" concerns when it comes to <past> OSes, but praises the new "revolutionary OS" and it's "surprising security" until...the first FIX.After that, they quietly hide behind their desks, because if you take the respective analyst by his cheap tie, we will tremble like a spineless-worm that he is.
  12. Remember the Samsung Galaxy's sheep commercial...
  13. People is incredible. You offer them a free car and they are upset about the color. It's freakin' simple: TAKE IT or LEAVE IT. Nobody is forcing you to use the software. BIG THANK YOU BIGMUSCLE for your AMAZING software!
  14. The next version of Windows will be called...Windows Store v1.1 And all the microtards will be happy spending mom's hard earned cash for cretinoid games bought from...Windows Store.

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