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Mozilla Vs. Internet Explorer


What browser do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What browser do you prefer?

    • Plain Internet Explorer (IE6)
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Mozilla Suite
    • Opera
    • IE based: Maxthon
    • IE based: Avant
    • IE based: CrazyBrowser
    • Other IE based (which one?)

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I'm using Maxthon now. Does Firefox much better than it?

I use firefox as my primary browser, and maxthon as my backup.

However, I suggest you try a couple browsers. Firefox is great, as long as you have all the extensions. There were some features in maxthon that I liked, but didn't really think about them when I was using firefox. Once I got the extensions, I can say I'm happier about my experience with firefox. So you may not know what you really want until you see it in another browser.

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does any one know which browser is better?

Mozilla FireFox VS Internet Explorer? ;)

- FF is w3c conform, IE not, where is the transparent png support m$ where?!

Just a clarification. You can get alpha channel support in IE with PNG. Pretty simple code .

Oh, and just for fun...

This is one of the hacks...

Despite the hack's implimentation, it still claims that IE doesn't support 256 colour PNG alpha properly.

A method using PHP

Most webhosts support php, luckily. But it's still ridiculous that this hack is needed.

Javascript PNG Hack

Many users disable Javascript, and IE has had Javascript security flaws in the past. Why not have a properly functioning image library to begin with?

I dont think it really matters whats better since its the users opinion, i use IE6 Sp2 and have had no problems at all

Firefox has also had Javascript flaws and also many more the same as any other software including IE

i did use Firefox for a while but it failed to secure my bank account pages and the javascript flaw allowed my credit card (multi access card) to be viewable in any page by using a simple little java script app it displayed the number right there in plain veiw (plus other crap)

Overall I rather IE, Firefox is the best for customizability but i wouldnt trust it security wise (That my opinion)

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I use IE6 with all SP and updates and I never had any problems. I considered to move to firefox but I realised that with more and more people using it, they started to find the same security flaws, so I don't trust FF more than IE. But I use Opera when for important browsing, when you have to go through lists of sites and open lots of browser windows. I really like the mouse gesture thing they implemented a long time ago.

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