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  1. Yup yup, My sata model is exactly the same, am glad I had allready some experience with msfn and that I know exactly how to make a nice unattended xp pro dvd. Now I really need to try tis, coz with my old dvd on my new notebook it doesn't work anymore. Let's have a look, Will give some more specs if it worked. greetz Jonathan
  2. lol, you didn't do your search well, I posted something on this forum about it. And asked it to Nuhi. (you know, the nlite guy) When you do it with nlite you get this error because it's a special package and not really a hotfix. You can argue about it, but still it is not integratable. When you look in the Nlite program you will se that this is an other type of package. (you can see it in the list you added) So you will have to do it manualy with switches I guess. Perhaps he will add it in his program, but not now. Greetz Jonathan.
  3. Lol, I guess your right. But it isn't very easy to explain certain things. When I'm looking for a kind of problem I have to search an search and search. The puzzle starts to grow in my mind. Everything becomes clear to me. When I need to pass it on to others than I can have multiple problems: 1) Don't have time to explain the whole problem coz its to big to explain 2) The problem is too complex, I would have to explain too much, or I would have too much work by simplifying the problem 3) The problem is clear in my mind but not in the mind of the other person. So I forget to mention steps, because I thing They are clear. But I fact my reader did miss some steps. 4) I want the other to look for himself. You learn much faster by searching yoursellf for sollutions. It gives even a good feeling when you find the answer to your problem. 5) ... Voila that's it, but your right when you are new to certain things it is difficult. But I think this forum has allready a good start, when we talk about unattended stuff. The unattended guide, which is a good start Greetz Jonathan.
  4. Sorry I made a mistake in the script and found out on my own what it was. Very embasrassing I guess. greetz Jonathan.
  5. DELETED (reason, hotfix was not available on the microsoft website, but is now) greetz Jonathan
  6. Is there no one who has an answer on this one? Even not a good replacement app for EZ? I heard about NOD32 and bitdefender what do you think about those? (perhaps this isn't a question for the unattended section) But with the answer on that question I can start and look for some switches.
  7. funny, you want to do it yourself, but in your question I can read that you don't want to do too much of it. Read this guide here you can find it all. It will take some reading time. http://unattended.msfn.org/ and I would use the nlite software to help you. (look here to download it) http://www.nliteos.com/ To add your progs use the runonceex.cmd method. I started with that and it is quite simple. But I think nobody will make the unattended cd/dvd for you The fun is, I think to do your own research, to find new stuff. And to cross your own limits. Then you will taste the fruits of your succes. Greetz Jonathan Vanpeteghem P.S. I don't like kaspersky and moved on to EZ antivirus. It is simple and better.
  8. @Camarade_Tux: thanks, will look to the solution you proposed, B). And indeed there are many solutions. The problem is even very small, and in fact nearly too small to be a problem. And ofcourse if Nlite has to support all the bugs and problems, there would never be a final release. greetz
  9. Very funny you guys: no offence, but in the time that I would make the dicussion about "is it a hotfix or not", I would have added those few code lines (but that's up to Nuhi I guess) That's just the way I see it. And as you see am just a junior on the forum, so what do I have to say here For me it is a hotfox coz it is defined as a hotfix and has a KB number. Other patches that programes give don't get that far and don't get a KB. Anyway for me it is just the same, I was only mentoining the fact. So that others now that this "problem" exists. Have a nice day Greetz Jonathan.
  10. Yeah, but i gues it is possible to program it into nlite. When the program finds the KB913433 that it does a special action. Anyway, perhaps am looking too much to the details . I went on the nlite website and reported it there. So now he knows and can do with it what he wants greetz
  11. Hellow, Just a small thing, I wanted to add the hotfix KB913433 but I got an error in Nlite. I know, it's macromedia stuff (I guess) I found that here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...=KB913433+error And here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=31886 are the manual switches. (So I will try to integrate it manualy) But isn't it possible to program this into the Nlite program. I see on the changelogs of the Nliteos stuff like this: update: Direct Integration support for non-English KB916281. So I guess that sometimes the nlite os has to take different steps than witch regular KB's. I think that the thing I ask is possible. (I don't say it has to be done, but it would be nice) Anyway, don't shoot the pianist coz I know that Nlite is a very cool tool ! Kind regards Jonathan.
  12. I will try it, I guess it is the same method as for the 7.0.5 version. I read that there could be a prob that the reader still asks for an update of the 7.0.5 language support. Anyway. With the 7.0.5 I used the "/qn" switch. Don't worry, I think(hope ) nobody will kill you for sharing this. Greetz Jonathan.
  13. Euhm: @ Alanoll don't get me wrong, but is it difficult to make such an msi file? Perhaps you can show how you did it. Perhaps asking you this is stupid, or perhaps there is a thread which explains how to do this. Yup am still a noob, but I prefer not to use Autoit scripts, coz on some machines it works and suddenly it doesn't work. Perhaps you can explain how you do this magic work of creating msi files and then we can get on with our lives. Anyway: A big thanks for the previous version 5.21. Greetz Jonathan.
  14. and don't post double! If you would use this search button you will be able to find a lot of info. I think it all comes to this: You are using bad cd's which are not expensive enough. Cheap cd's sometimes give problems. So try something more expensive, it will work. It has to do with the way your cd-writer burns the files. Greetz. Jonahtan

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