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Winamp 5.24 Msi Release


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You're the man, Alanoll. Just do it. Would be VERY nice!!! :D

But I got a bug with 5.2 already. For some mp3 files, I can not delete the ID3v2 Tag. It is disabled, but the info is still shown and when I play the file, Winamp shows the ID3v2 instead of the ID3v1 in the playlist. :blushing:

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Here we go, Winamp 5.21 has been released:

* New: [jnetlib] HTTP compression support

* Improved: [installer] multi-user profile migration

* Fixed: [ml_wire] memory leak

* Fixed: [pmp_p4s] DRMclien.dll error

* Fixed: [gen_ff] skin info display in preferences

* Fixed: [in_mp3] Wordwrap disabled in Info Editor Comments field

* Fixed: [in_wm] Minor bug fixes

* Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts don't work from video window

* Fixed: [in_vorbis] No Artist metadata in stream titles

* Fixed: [in_dshow] floating point audio

* Updated: Coding Technology AAC+ Decoder 7.2.5

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Man, they're so close to getting their installing silent it's sickening.... If only they didn't have Winamp start up or that last reporting screen, this MSI would become a mute issue.

Anyway, I'm currently looking into how Winamp determines what mode (Single or MultiUser) to run in before i start updating the MSI.

EDIT: Scratch that. There's a trigger file called path.ini that all it has in it is the PATH to the real INI files.

EDIT2: Scratch the scratch. MSI is updated, but multiprofile support is not working. I didn't see hw they did it, so....yeah....any ideas?

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Uploading updated MSI and CAB versions now. They're update to 5.21.

However, I gutted the original ISM file, so i could have missed something, and considering the size difference I'm almost sure of it. But I'm extremely exhausted and so I put the tast to you to find if there are any missing files and giving me a list. (ATTACH THE LIST DON"T COPY PASTE INTO A POST!)

I've also attached the raw ISM file if you wish to compile this yourself. Be warned, it's an InstallShield 11.5 project file, and none of the Winamp files are included. Those if you know anything about MSI's, you can find out how i had everything stored (HINT: Files table). All I ask, is if you use this MSI and make a derivative work from it, mention the creator and where you got it from!

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