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Winamp 5.24 Msi Release


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I have to say that I really don't like this 'new' version of winamp. i had been using the 5.12 version previously posted here and had no complaints. now this new, 5.21 version has totally screwed up my iPod. It wiped out a playlist i'd been working on FOR A YEAR. (yeah, a long one, i know)

Plus I really don't like the ipod interface at all. i liked the old version where it would just pop up under "devices" now there isn't even that category!

does anyone still have a copy of the 5.12 version that they'd be willing to post a download link to?

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Hey Alanoll,

I have been using the same INI file since the first msi release. But since v5.21 it doesn't install the Library and doesn't select my skin, I get the classic winamp2 skin.... it did work before!

here is my ini:


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the file in the archive is an ISM file and when i changed the extension to MSI it gave me all these crazy characters :(

Did you happen to notice how that RAR with the ISM in it is just under 150KB? Perhaps the ISM is the original file that i used to CREATE the MSI using InstallShield 11.5. I uploaded it incase someone wanted to use it.

As for 5.23 MSI, I get to it. But my laptop is currently out of commission with a busted LCD.

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try the autoit script it works with the latest PRO version of winamp


Not to be rude...but...

EXCELLENT! JUST WHAT I WANTED! I came to a thread looking for a MSI and get directed to an AutoIT script that has EVEN LESS functionality then what I see here.

Sure it's a work around till i get time, but still....i HATE it when people hijack threads for their own. (You did write the script)

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i dont hijack threads just another way with autoit :D and yes i did write the script and i used some same names for definitions like u use so people will have it easy to use. Maybe ppl wont bug u for the new version next day when 5.24+ come out they will just use the script if they really need the latest version of winamp.

Sry for trouble i can delete the script if u dont like it.

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Leave the script. I don't mind the script. I just mind it when everytime there's a new version people feel the need to tell me. Then, everytime a new script is made they post in THIS thread....a thread about an MSI. If people weren't happy with the MSI, they could do a search for Winamp and come up with atleast 4 other ways to do this...including another MSI.

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