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  1. Being this the HFSLIP forum I'm just reporting the problem for HFSLIP. At the moment I'm not interested in using third party apps.
  2. I've just installed Windows XP with WMP 11 and some updates and DRM doesn't work. When I open a file with DRM, WMP11 says it isn't installed correctly.
  3. WPI only works on a "normal" Windows. After install Windows, WPI start with the list of aplications.
  4. I use Windows XP. I used cwnd /HIDE @ to hide the CMD window but it seems to hide everything.
  5. But not with WPI. I've added cWnd to a CMD file for silent install Framework 2 and some applications, and in the first setup that use cWnd WPI DISAPPEAR. And it doesn't come back.
  6. I won't test nothing anymore Thank you for everything.
  7. Tested with version 6. Installed without problems. I checked the Time Zones menu in Control Panel and it has the same problem like updating KB...
  8. Non of that links to Microsoft are my case. I'm testing it in VMware. Also there is no CD/DVD. Finally I left it...
  9. It didn't work. Error saying: "The line 1 of TZ2_ESN.INF is broken. The installation can not continue, Press F3 to exit." The message is translated. I will update normal and then with a REG will correct the names. I think with that isn't any problem. Thank you.
  10. After I set active the partition I get this:
  11. Before I start the installation I format the C: partition: format c: /S /Q And then with FDISK I get sure it is Active.
  12. I'm trying to do a batch to install Windows XP from another partition in DOS. I removed from nLite the option Update/Install from DOS but I kept the file WINNT.EXE. So, this is the command in the batch file: WINNT.EXE /u:WINNT.SIF /s:D:\I386 It works as it is. It starts copy files and there is no problem with that. But after reboot there is no bootable partition. I know about /SYSPART but that is only for WINNT32 (Windows) and I need to do it in DOS. Any idea?
  13. What I done was - update with the XP Spanish update version and then using a registry to correct the mistakes in the name. Here are the files: HIVESFT.zip Thank you.
  14. Yes with that version it seems to work. Isn't any problem that the update is the English version and for Windows 2003? Edit: I think you changed from ENG to ESN The ESN version doesn't work. The same problem. But with the ENG version I think it works... I'm not sure. At least I don't have it in WUP list.
  15. Maybe he doesn't have all the updates... HFS.zip

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