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Everybody seems to be thread digging, so my turn! :lol:

I keep it very short too (almost got more hair on my face). So not using anything... yet? I'm almost considering hair coloring or something... Freakin' gray hairs driving me mad lately. I hate looking old (no, I'm not old... not yet at least) Always thought I'd accept having gray hair and that it would be no big deal, but it doesn't seem to simple to accept after all. Perhaps it's just the "refusing to get old" or a self esteem thing? I dunno. I sure hate my gray hairs though. My main solution is keeping it shorter, as they show less that way. I guess I can't complain, at least I'm not going bald.

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I'm lazy. I use a barber with a set of hair clippers to style my hair. I just keep it short enough that between visits, no styling is required. :lol:

If you keep it that short, you can get away without shampoo, as well.

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