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Photoshop CS2


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Adobe mentions how to make a 'silent install' on the support page...dont know if you want to go to the trouble.


Run a silent installation of Adobe Creative Suite 2.0

What's covered

Create an installer XML file

Run a silent installation

When you purchase a volume license for Adobe Creative Suite 2.0, Adobe provides an option that allows you to run a silent installation (that is, an installation with preselected options and no interface) on Windows or Mac OS X. In a silent installation, a custom installer runs the installers for each product in the suite by using command-line installation tools built into the operating system. To run a silent installation, you must create an XML file (or script) for the custom installer.

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Great find jroc. :thumbup

However, there are some factors to consider.

1. This for Creative Suite. I'm not sure if the msi if the Photoshop CS2 supports xml files.

2. This is for the VL version (volume license).

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All you need to do is remove the custom action in the execute sequence.

Remove this:


You can try deleting this also: (not sure if this is necessary)


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Here is my MST file. I removed the CA_ActivationCheckLicense custom action.

This should work on the RETAIL version. Not sure if it will work on the trial because I think they use different MSI's.


EDIT: The only difference between the trial and the retail msi is the UNITYSECTION. Therefore, this should work with the trial as well.

I made this for those who don't have fast internet connection. 5kb is way much easier to download compared to 5mb.

EDIT2: File attached again.


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I edited the MSI file directly to remove CA_ActivationCheckLicense from the CustomAction section of the MSI as per totoymola's suggestion above. I used Orca to do this.

About to test now. Stay tuned for the feedback... :whistle:

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