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  1. Hi! Had problems with timer (regardless what options i chose, i.e. disable/10 minutes it always came up with 1 min timer) as well as language setting (set it to english but got always the localized language). However, the updated test archive http://wpiw.net/WPI_Test.rar you provided solves these problems. Thanks a lot, gave me a headache. KR
  2. Hi! I did it like that: Install ghostscript once, copy the created GS folder to the install DVD into the Bullzip subdirectory (e.g. \Bullzip\GS). In the Bullzip diretory resides the downloaded setup file (i.e. BullzipPDFPrinter.exe). Install using BullzipPDFPrinter.exe /sp- /silent /norestart /noicons Thats it.
  3. I had - and still have - the same problem. first slipstreaming SP3 under Vista, then under XPSP2. Both versions do not accept my VLK. No activation or whatever. ****
  4. How about a simple bat file that checks: IF NOT EXIST "%userprofile%\ntuser.ini" Outlook.exe /importprf \\server1\share\outlook.prf the link can be included into the runonceex registry path or there is a path somewhere in the %windir% where you can store logion scripts (due to the if not exist query it runs only the first time, even if scheduled to run after every login). just a suggestion though
  5. solved already? does setup --mode=silent --deploymentFile="path to installer file" work? http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase...cfm?id=kb400995 http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase...m?id=kb400588#2
  6. How about: del "%userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\*.lnk" /q /f
  7. sorry for not stating this clearly. what i'm doing (after a clean install of windows) is searching for a certain file on harddrives (right now the file Default.rdp, because its more or less common on the computers i'm taking care of) and setting the registry value of HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Explorer\Shell Folders to that path (i want to change from the Default.rdp file to a certain folder (i.e. Documents), though this is on progress right now). afterwards i want to overwrite the My Music setting in the registry with the same path (just add \My Music), the same with the My Pictures folder,... so right now i do: 1) the %mydocs% value i get from here: FOR /F "tokens=3" %%B IN ('ECHO list volume ^| DISKPART.EXE ^| FIND.EXE "Partition"') DO if exist "%%B:\Documents\Default.rdp" SET mydocs=%%B:\Documents im searching also certain paths containing whitespaces - so if i do a SET mydocs="%%B" i end up with a path (stored as the variable %mydocs%) looking like "E:\User Files\Documents". if i attach a \My Music" to it i end up with "E:\User Files\Documents"\My Music". you see the problem? its not a typo (the quote before the \My). afterwards i want to 2) write the according path of the My Music folder to the registry: reg add "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders" /v "My Music" /t REG_SZ /d "%mydocs%\My Music" /f so IF i can do a search for a folder (to clearify: i think the right term would be i need a recursive folder search) some day AND write the path of this folder to the registry (including whitespaces, Music, etc) i would be glad :-)
  8. yes, thats strange - why ms doesn't use their "own" format... though there is an .adm for windows desktop search, too.
  9. i suppose the problem with the tab was that i tried to copy to a cmd window and the tab got removed :-( as for the quotes/whitespaces: you are right, it works your way, BUT i wanted to use your command to read out the My Documents path and include e.g. the "My Pictures" path. this, however, is not possible with the quotes, is it?
  10. i think you have to search for a certain file using IF EXIST %%i:\***.*** SET CDROM=%%i:
  11. wow - this is even nicer! i was curious about the version number - but now... can anyone top this? please? PLEASE?! but again i have the problem with the whitespace, so i need: FOR /F "TOKENS=3*" %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox" /S ^|FINDSTR "\<PathToExe\>" 2^>NUL') DO (IF ERRORLEVEL 0 (SET Firefox_Path=%%A %%B)) furthermore i have problems when using a <tab>, thats why i changed to 3* and %%A %%B...
  12. nice, indeed. however, i some problems with this script. it sets the %Ff% variable to "c:\program" because it should be "c:\program files". obviously it stops when encountering a space. any solutions? /edit: FOR /F "tokens=3*" %A IN ('reg query "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders" /v "Personal"') DO SET mydocs=%A %B does the job
  13. just use /qb instead of /qb- and you will see the errormessage
  14. if you start if from a *.bat/*.cmd file: IF EXIST "%programfiles%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" for %%e in ("%cdrom%\Install\Mozilla_Firefox\*.xpi") do "%programfiles%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -install-global-extension "%%e" if you start it directly from the commandline, replace each %% with %. you can remove the IF EXIST check, too! and of course, adjust the path(s) accordingly! hope that helps.
  15. uff - quite a lot of code. this will take some time to dig through it! thanks for the 1000th time. but still one more question (there is always at least one question left :-)). how did you compile the hta to an exe?

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