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how to make separated wpi cd ?

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1st Post!

Been hanging around trying to learn & come up to speed on everything!

I think what he means is to have a wpi & programs on a seperate CD without the Windows XP. ie something to put in and be able to just install several programs unattended.

I'm no expert (that i know) but i would think just create an autorun file for the CD and point it to the wpi.hta file

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Version 3.5.1 has got the autorun file. Just copy the content of the WPI package into the temporary root of the CD you wish to create (to HDD first). Be sure, that the files Autorun.inf, WPI.cmd, WPI.hta and WPI.ico are in the root of your CD. Then you configure WPI the way you want. Put your apps into the "Install" directory that should exist in the root now. And thats it. Now the autorun file should call WPI.cmd. WPI.cmd prepares WPI start and then starts WPI. Any more questions? I hope it helps you semo16. :)

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i made seperat WPI disc(v3.5.1), thx to the info in this topic!!

although should it be "bootdisc"like xp disc when booting: "press any key"?

i burned it whit Nero as UDF/ISO-DiscatOnce, i tested whit VMware and it doesnt autoload though? but it works if one clicks the drive whit the WPI disc..then it starts installing from the cdrom.

could one make this seperat WPI disc a bootdisc? or is it not required

i tryed whit xp bootimage but then the error is "cant find ntldr? "

any input on making it autoboot disc would be great :thumbup


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yah thats wot i ment :P ..... and when i think of it i have autorun disabled..i guess the way i built wpi image is alright then?! :thumbup

its works great from vmware

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I understand this is a dumb question to most. However i'm gonna throw it into the ring. I would like to do this myself. And have no clue on how to produce the cmd files stated in the directory structure image as well as how to place the applications in the install folder. Do you just copy the contents of (for instance and cd) into it respected folder and modify one of the cmd files. Can you post sample files of the cmd and the ini files so that they may be looked at and modified to suit my own needs and programs?

And a lil more explaination as to how to store the applications would be very helpful.

I realize this may be a newbie question to most. but I have no concept of coding therefore i request anyhelp to aquire some knowledge that you all personally possess when it comes to this.

Thank you in advance.

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Pleaz, I have a question for you guyz

I want to run RunOnceEx from XP CD1 then at the end of CD1 installation I want to continue to CD2 and from CD 2 to CD3 and so on..

Plz help me

How can i implement WPI in this situation??

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I did have one question that I seem not to find anywhere.

When adding programs to your install folder - how is it done (basically) especially for programs that I want to add as in

Adobe Programs


Cinema 4dxl

3D Studio Max

as you can see I'm basically into highend Graphic Apps.

These are the ones I really want to add to the DVD.

However, i'm not sure how/where to place them as well as making reg files that will activate them or install the needed serials/user.

Maybe someone can give a breif explaination.

Thanks Lionheart

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