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  1. Somany Drivers How to ?

    I'm Really stuck, Here is what i need to do , all the cd's below i need to make automated installer.. 1. SonyCybershot CD - USB Drivers CD and Applications 2. Cannon Digital Camera Software and Driver CD 3. Cannon CP Printer Software and Driver CD 4. Dlink Bluetooth Driver 5. hp laserjet 6. xda ii companion 7.cannon pixma driver and software 8.hp officejet 4200 series 9 . sony picturepackage for handycam i dont have idea how to achive all this
  2. Need a tool to convert .reg file into .exe file. So when i run the exe file it'll patch the registry.. Is there any? TQ
  3. Guide: Mozilla Firefox Unattended

    after a silent install ... How to Get rid of the First Starup Import Settings Screen . .cause i'm trying to run firefox.exe to silently install xpi and jar files. but it shows the imprt settings from Internet Explorer etc Dialog.. Anybody has any idea how to get rid of that? TQ
  4. Cd Needed At The End

    Ok guyz here is the situation.. I've a project for a laptop (HP).. Which need to be automatically windows installed and 12 drivers from different hardware to be installed ..(scanners, digital cameras, hp printers, xda II and more). I just want to know whether i can use the XPlode in this situation.. @nanaki - just a question for you, are you running the xplode from each cd.\ by the way i found out xplode almost uses 100mb memory while running.. sometimes i get error while testing in VMWare that "windows is running low on memery".
  5. Cd Needed At The End

    Wow Just Great .. I'm gonna try it give u a reply.. Thanks a Lot mate..
  6. Xplode for Mutiple CD installation?

    Could it be possible to give examples of your scripts? That will help me a lot
  7. Cd Needed At The End

    Could it be possible to give examples of your scripts? That will help me a lot BTW do you still change the CDs at T12? If i execute XPlode from T9 would it be okay? i mean using [setupparams]
  8. Thanks, It's a great tool indeed ... But i cannot make it work. the PDF on the first post is Old.. Download from PDF also not available. It would be great if the author update the First post of this topic to point where are the latest files and also for moderators it's really painful going through all the replys .. and definitly take a lot of time.. I wish it'll going to work .. just now i know i need a clean xp install to do.. Also if possible make a single post about all the trick needed to be done.. It could be the first topic of the post.. Anyway GOOD WORK..
  9. Xplode for Mutiple CD installation?

    Thanks friend @Alanoll.. i did convert to xml i don't understand when i put xplode into $OEM$\$1\INSTALL folder and add entry into CmdLines.txt as "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Install\XPlode.exe", it cannot execute and more if i put in the RunOnceEx to execute Xplode also didn't work... One Very Big question on my mind!!! i put all xplode files into $OEM$\ folder and put into cmdlines.txt as "XPlode.exe" it works... BUt At T12 the windows setup screen is still there and it looks really ugly indeed. Is there any workaround there. I think i'll need a big detail about T12 stuff
  10. Xplode for Mutiple CD installation?

    Thanks Guyz for your helps.. i'll try to doit.. a few more questions .. which part is the best to execute xplode? is it GuiRunOnce or CmdLines.txt.. ? i need to add 2 more user and hopefully need to apply the software for them also.. if i use oobe.ini in system32 folder would it be helping me to do that? 'n which point all the users are created before or after T-12? if i execute the software setups before the users created would it reflect their profile? Sorry i ask too many questions ... cause newbie .. forgive me
  11. How to use Xplode for Mutiple CD installation? Need help from you guyz.. I mean how i can make like RunOnceEx where i can put something to prompt for a cd and after completing that cd mayb it'll prompt for the next or it goes back and do the rest. Sorry if i did doublepost. TQ
  12. Pleaz, I have a question for you guyz I want to run RunOnceEx from XP CD1 then at the end of CD1 installation I want to continue to CD2 and from CD 2 to CD3 and so on.. Plz help me How can i implement WPI in this situation??
  13. Cd Needed At The End

    How you change your cd while using XPlode?
  14. Anti virus software.

    I DON'T AGREE .. Best All Around is Kaspersky Best Defends and Norton has other good products but not Antivirus - Once you install you cann't uninstall properly .. Sloggy sytem performance.. I tell people if they have enemy then install NAV in their enemys PCS including Norton Internet Security.. Thats it their system will die wouln't take long time..