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XPize 3.1


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XPize is a resources transformation pack for Windows. It replaces most of the non-XP icons, avis and bmps that Microsoft has always overlooked. The installer simply automates the process of replacing resources in critical system files, making your XP's look better. XPize is compatible with Windows XP, 2003 and MCE Editions. XPize also comes with an Updater, which you can use after visiting Windows Update

Version 3 ships with an optional Royale oriented look.

What's new in 3.1:


- Removed I386 Patching

- Removed Royale shutdown dialog

- Added msgina.dll as optional: this includes the Royale shutdown dialog

- Removed WinRAR Skin

- Updated uxtheme.dll patcher


- Added batt.dll

- Added credui.dll

- Added hotplug.dll


- Added icon 112 in cmdial.dll

- Added bmp 128 in msgina.dll

- Added bmp 129 in msgina.dll

- Added bmp 130 in msgina.dll

- Added bmp 131 in msgina.dll

- Added bmp 132 in msgina.dll

- Added bmp 133 in msgina.dll

- Added bmp 134 in msgina.dll

- Added bmp 135 in msgina.dll

- Added bmp 136 in msgina.dll

- Added bmp 137 in msgina.dll


- Fixed shell32.dll not being updated


- Fixed hhctrlui.dll not being restored after uninstall

- Fixed sysdm.cpl not being restored after uninstall

- Fixed XPize_Logon.exe not being deleted after uninstall

- Fixed msdxm.ocx not being restored after uninstall

- Fixed plugin.ocx not being restored after uninstall

- Fixed sysmon.ocx not being restored after uninstall


- Fixed msconfig.exe not being replaced

- Fixed winhlp32.exe not being replaced


- Removed XPize site link creation in IE Favorites

Download (Thanks to webfire)


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Thanks for the new version! :thumbup

But I am really sad for 3.1's disability to patch i386 folder!

I think I will have to do it manually!  :no:

No, use uAE 1.1 for that. I want normal XPize to be for the general public, and uAE for advanced. That's why I made that switch.

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Too true! Downloaded Xpize uAE1.1 and have successfully patched the i386 folder.

Now it is a new run with Ryan's 1.2.1 pack + xpize 3.1 + nlite 0.99.9 = Better windows ! :w00t:

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I found an error!

the logof screen does not have same to look as the shutdown screen. Solution the bit-maps of msgina.dll must also into the shell32.dll is there logof the screen.

like that

msgina.dll to shell32.dll

20142/20140 14351/14354

20143/20141 14353/14355

are perfect it!

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I love this pack thanx you for making it :) what I'd like to add is well I'll let the picture speak for it'self (the about bout is nice VERY nice) but if you look at the pic the monitors look out of place (the one with the theme on it really looks out of place) could something be done about it ?? Oh plus I did a Fresh install of 3.1 and the logon/logoff is in the "old Luna" style. While I'm at it when windows is shutting down you dont have a status (windoers is saving your settings/windows is shutting down ext) Could something be done about this (I like to know what windows is doing)



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@Bytestar: thanks, I will check it

@Romey: first of all thanks for the comments. About the monitor..I will try to replace that. About the logon, you're saying that the XPize logon didn't work for you? anyone had this issue also with 3.1?


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