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  1. Ohh so VistaGlazz works? I was holding back not to try SP1 due to the lack of theme support. Now I can go ahead and install SP1. btw Bilar, have u try the two patches that supposed to improve Vista on SP1? I'll slipstream them into SP1 now and see if the Copy fuction gets improve.
  2. Download this reg file and apply. http://vlite.net/files/fd32.zip That should fix ur problems.
  3. Yes, as long as u keep all other editions by not choose rebuilt option @ the end. However, all vlited settings only apply to the edition u select from the beginning (which is Ultimate in ur case).
  4. I think i kinda understand aviv00. He wants all the other versions act the same way he did to Ultimate. For ex, all the removals, settings for Ultimate, can they apply to other versions too. @aviv00, what u can do is vilte each version seperately b/c one versions lack the feature of another except Ultimate.
  5. Thanks a lot, this is a must have guide for those who accidentally trimmed away Printer Drivers.
  6. I used autopatcher from www.autopatcher.com Download Autopatcher July for Vista, run the file. All updates/hotfixes will be extract in C:\Program Files\Autopatcher. Go there and search for x86, this will give u all hotfix for Vista 32 Bit. (search for x64 will give u all 64 bits hotfix)
  7. Thanks Nuhi for the reply and great job on hotfix integration.
  8. Now that vlite can integrate Languages, I would like to know how to extract MUI file (which has .exe extension) to take out the .cab file which vlite accept? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your help, much appreciated~
  10. I tried your script but i got a little confuse about path settings. Can you give me a complete/clear walkthrough how to use your script plz? let say I have my DVD copied to C:\VistaWork\DVD path for mounting WIM file - is this going to be C:\VistaWork\DVD\sources? path to language pack - I put Lp.cab in C:\VistaWork\LP, so that's the path? path for extracting the language pack - what is this path? can i just create a new folder in C:\VistaWork and call it LPext? language pack ID - since i'm trying to integrate Chinese - HKSAR, what is its pack ID? Zh-hk? Thanks in advance
  11. I also interested in knowing how to integrate MUI packs, anyone know how?
  12. most likely vlite will support hotfix integration in future. But in the mean time, go to www.autopatcher.com and download the AutoPatcher Vista May Full and put that in your vlited Vista DVD. Simply run it after setup will give you all updates up until May 2007. (save time from redownloading all updates) Otherwise, wait until vlite support Hotfix integration.
  13. Wow so ur Dell OEM DVD works on others pc as well? are the "others" also Dell PCs? I'm interested in getting one for 2 desktops of mine.
  14. alright, here's what u can try: 1. find the key on the laptop itself, (look for the COA) or google jellybean keyfinder 2. vlite ur DVD and insert the key u find into the unattended section. 3. then try it out see if it automatically activate my guess is that the Dell OEM DVD has already configured to insert KEy like the unattended function of vlite. here's how u can check: open ur Dell DVD, look for the file named "autounattended.xml" if that file exist then Dell is just using the unattended feature like we do. Hope that help. (btw, ur key would only work on ur Dell machine only, that's why it's OEM, so dont try to do that on another machine cuz it wont activate.)
  15. Your Vista x64 comes with a KEY, right? if so, insert it in there and it should be automatically actiavted upon install. However, if ur vista X64 OEM is some form of like Recovery DVD that comes from vendor, then that's a different story because these Recovery DVD reinstall Vista with a bunch of craps. but for now, just vlite it, put in the key, u should be set to go. ps. please speicify what kind of OEM disc, OEM vendor's Recovery DVD or OEM DVD bought from retail like Newegg.
  16. Also, if anyone wants to keep the SLideshow feature, Windows Photo Gallery should be retain. (along with Windows Photo viewer)
  17. Thx DizzyDen, but this is Vista, there's no winnt.sif involved, however it's the same issue. My point is to have unattended installation and keep the "Repair" option.
  18. No help? I thought ppl would concern that the recovery feature on Vista DVD is really helpful incase Windows can't boot for anyreason and I just dont want to not have it in my unattneded Vista DVD. ps. I was once messing with Mac OSX86 and Linux causing Vista unable to boot, but thx to the DVD's repair feautre I was back on track without formatting.
  19. So I used vlite beta 1 for the new unattended feature to automatically insert key and accept EULA etc.. However, the problem is, if i use that feature, when I boot from DVD, Windows Vista wont show a autorun-like message that has the option "Repairt my computer." so I just want to know how can I get that menu back without losing Unattended feature? Apperciate for anyhelps.
  20. Create an $OEM$ folder for Vista just like in XP but in Vista, instead of place $OEM$ folder beside all other files, you MUST PUT IT INSIDE the "sources" folder. Like this: vlite\sources\$OEM$ and if you want RUNONCE, put the .cmd file inside $OEM$\$$\SETUP\SCRIPTS (you will need to create folders like $$,SETUP, and SCRIPTS) Enjoy
  21. Thanks for the head up. PM me when u have more info.
  22. @dexter.inside May I have some sort of guideline for that? I found sysprep.exe but when I try it in CMD, it said the command -activated isn't avaialbe.
  23. Ohh so does that mean I can backup a Vista image that's customized? Upon install, Vista will look exactly like it was backup?
  24. nam265

    DVD Playback

    I do have problem with Vista in DVD playback. This is not vlite's problem but do curious what's wrong with Vista. When I try to play the newest DVD (i.e Tokyo Drift) in Media Center, it always say the DVD is in use and can't be play. And when I try to play it using WMP11, it couldn't decode the DVD at all. My solution so far: Install PowerDVD 6 OEM and use it for playback. I wonder if Vista comes with any DVD decoder. (I remember I dont need powerdvd to play DVD in xp, so what's the deal?) ps. Sorry if this only happen to me, let me know.
  25. I came across this site, would be useful for those who wants to minimize their system services. http://www.speedyvista.com/index.html On the site, there're clear explantions and backups which should be safe to play with. ps. i think nuhi posted this site on the other post too.

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