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Gran Turismo 4


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Have any of you got Gran Turismo 4 for the PS2.

I think of getting it and I need to know how good it is.

Everyone is saying that its got the best graphics.

It will be released 9th March 2005 in the UK.

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Chances are if you just hold out that little bit after its release Sony are bound to release a demo of it with the official PS2 magazine...

Although I've loved the GT games, I still would rather wait to get a free try of the new one rather than shell out full price for it lol. I'm a little worried with this one that there's gonna be nothing new and that its 'just another sequel'. From what I've heard about those who've imported though its meant to be pretty sweet :)

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GT4 Is now out in the UK!


Gran Turismo 4 breaks sales record for Playstation 2

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced today that first day sales of Gran Turismo 4 have broken the record for Playstation 2 in PAL territories. The single day sales have been impressive to say the least, shipping 3,182,535 units of the game. The game is also shipped with the new slimmer Playstation 2 model. In total so far, the Gran Turismo series has sold about 38 million units around the world.

"The reaction to Gran Turismo 4 from retailers across PAL territories has exceeded even our high expectations," said David Reeves, President, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "This Day One number reflects the popularity and broad appeal of the series – not only with seasoned GT buyers but with driving fans, motoring enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. We expect Gran Turismo 4 to become the "must-have" title for anyone who owns a PlayStation 2 or anyone thinking about purchasing one."

Source: GameGossip

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it's a really good game, cars are mostly reals but tracks are pixelated (or that is what it is said...)

i won't buy it since i read that it won't run on all models of ps2. a lot of people is having this issue and sony replies to send their consoles and recive a new one (cost is 80€ and sony sucks!)

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maybe this is a bit offtopic but yesterday was out the first bios to support DVD DL backup games (only for dms4).

yes, that means from now on you can play your backup DVD DL games from media or HD (including gt4!) :)

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