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Gran Turismo 4


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New version or old?

I've left my console on for 2 days once by accident. I had paused an endurance race in GT3 and then forgot about it. When I came back, it was perfectly fine! I finished the race of course... :P

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I have the slim edition and it gets hot, until i put a fan system behind it.

On my old PSone it never died, and i would leave it on for days on end....

Wouldn't recomend it on the newer slim PS2's though, they seem to get hotter.


And GT4 is the bomb. Yes this game kicks butt. My only complaint is the games learning curve is a little too hard compared to the other releases. But the AI is great and makes the game more life like.

For those of you who prefer XBox, PS has better games with better game play. unlike XBox, which does have better graphics for the most part, XBox is not as fun compared to PS!!

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*(Off Topic)*


Could you show me which fan it is?

A picture of it, and where you bought it?

Sorry..... LOL;

Let me refram that one again:

It is 3 PC fans connected together. Nothing super special, just 3 Cooler Master 80MM fans that I convenitly placed toghether with an 13.8 volt PS complete with a Blue LED - to let me know when it is on.....

All the fan wires are soldired on to a small circuit board and then traced to a male power jack - witch leads to the female plug end of a PS providing 13.8 volts at (3amps). The Small PS is a cheap workbench model from Radio Shack that I have had for many years.

All the wires where put thru heatshrink tubing, to make it look nicer, and then the final wires where wrapped with a small dim "SpiralHarnest".

I also soldered an "NTE - 1.2OHM @ 2% resisor" to the LED, to prevent damage from electrical spikes and pops.

(all the cables and the PS neatly fit descreatly behind my entertainment center)

Then I simply placed the "Fan System" behind my PS2 - about 6 inches away to alow proper airflow.

* On a side note, I also cutted two pieces of wood at 1"x 1" and 6" long. I then sanded the wood and stained it to match my Entertainment Center!!! I used the two pieces of wood undernieth the PS2 to lift it off the shelving and help with the air flow (lol - iam such a geek)

I first turn on my "Special Fan System", then play GT4 until about 4-6AM!!! My PS2 never gets hot!! One of my best inventions.... :D

Anyway the project didn't take that long, and the cost was very cheap, about $5-7 total, since I had most of the tools and items. The Blue LED cost me $2.65 at Fry's Electronics - well worth it, very bright; thinking about adding some to my PC :whistle:

Hope that helps :lol: as far as a pic goes, my cellphone is dead and currently charging. But if you still want a pic, you have to wait till tomorrow tongue.gif, cause I have to go to work :angry:



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Very sorry for this.

You DO need the Endurance races for 100%

I can't believe I miswrote that. Sorry again.

Nice fan system! PSTwo really does need it. Must have been long work, but worth it.

Congrats. :thumbup

Can you show me some pics?

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Nice fan system! PSTwo really does need it. Must have been long work, but worth it.

Congrats.  :thumbup

Can you show me some pics?

Well here it goes: (*more off topic* hehe! :D )

(lol, i don't remmber how to make a thumbnail....)


~*~*~ Inforcommercial ~*~*~

The following is a paid advertisement brought to by...

PBS, Discovery Channel, MTV, NASA, and Blam-O! Inc.

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New From Blam-O!, the ONE And ONLY ....

The "Super System Cooler" - S.S.C.! (todaa!)

What is the Super System Cooler you argly ask?

The SSC is the ONE and ONLY System especially made exclusively for The PlayStation 2Two (AKA, PS2 Slim). Blam-O!'s one of a kind invention will take the hassle and frustration of keeping your PlayStation running cool and like new.

Why Do I Need A Super System Cooler?

With this unique and ONE OF A KIND Super System Cooler you can play games longer, stay up later, finish that long race, impress your family- friends- co-workers, look cool in front of all your girlfriends, have the latest and coolest technology.

Be the first in your neighborhood to own this radical much needed attachment. It's a MUST HAVE!!!

By keeping your system cooler, it will help maintain longer life and give you better performance in all games.

Not only that but *We Guarantee that your games will look and feel 17-26% better using our SSC.

How Does The Super System Cooler Work?

Our unique patented design aerodynamically forces air safetly into the rear open port of the PS2 unit, causing the fresh cool air to rush in over the CPU heatsink, precisely cooling down every component and the system board and then removing the heat thru-out the front exhaust ports Automatically, leaving your priceless PlayStation from having a meltdown while you contiune playing your extensive games.

What Ships With Every Order?

- Our unique patented design "Super System Cooler".

- Super Small and Light Weight Power Supply for the SSC.

- Two precisely hand crafted and sanded blocks of wood. Not just any kind of wood, but really old left over crapy wood. Then with our huge selection of colors, we will then stain and treat the wood with a premium color of your choice at no extra charge!

- A "Quick and Easy" Setup Guide for Dummy's.

- An empty leftover box from the shipment.

Other Features:

It does more?? YES! Our unique patented design is soo usefull it has other many uses...

- Peeler, use that sharp edge on the side of the box to peel your potatoes and carrots. Slice fruit, tomatoes, chesse and much more!

- Trash Can, Don't throw away the box our product ships in, use it for a trash can insted. (Doubles as an "peeler" catcher, see above feature ^^.)

- Mail Box, **with every order shipped inside the USA you recieve a free step by step booklet that describes how to transform your old Bulky PS2 into a modern Mail Box in just 23 easy to folow steps!

Hi-Def ScreenShots:

Main Setup - Shows the SSC in action.

The Heart Of The SSC - This is the unique patented design.

Power Supply - This Small Portable Device Powers The SSC

Stand - Hand Crafted and Custom Stained Wood Stand

Hidden Cables - The SSC Cables Are Un-Noticeable

So order yours TODAY! Our skilled technicians are waiting for your call:


(MasterCard, Visa, America Express, & Discovery, No CODs)

*Bassed on stragical mathematical polygons and personal data that are engineers collected in a state of the art science fair.

**This special offer is limited so order ASAP - Rush Orders are also available.

OK, so I went a little too far, hope you had fun reading it as I had fun typing it up! :P:lol:

sorry about the crapy pics, i had to use my motorola cellphone. (and to make it worse i edited the pics in M$ Paint - didn't want to spend too much time on this post....)

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We are proud to present, for the first time ever, an opportunity for all Gran Turismo 4 racers from around the globe to gather in one definitive competition to see who is the very best in the world. Races will be held on some of the most exciting and challenging courses using a variety of top notch cars. Whether you feel you have what it takes to be number one or just want to see how you stack up against the best we welcome you to join us in this fun and exciting event.

This challenge will be held on neutral ground at


and begins on August 7th 2005. We will be inviting all racers from any and every GT board we can find in an attempt to bring the entire gamut of GT communities together in one central competition to go beyond the status of “best racer on the board” and elevate it to “best racer in the world”!

Come race for fun, prizes, meeting new people from other GT communities and the chance to be known as “the best”! The more racers we have the better the chance of acquiring donors and sponsors to get even more and better prizes. Entry is free, so what are you waiting for? Hope to see you there!

Please don’t ask any questions here. All the info is to be found on the website.

NOTICE FOR MODERATORS: This is simply an open invitation to all racers on this board and not an attempt to recruit members away from this community.

Hekas Racing Challenge

Race Directors,

Hekas and Soigeeeo

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