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Gran Turismo 4


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I tried GT4, but for me the GT series has lost it since 3, first of all they simply don't feel as fast as the original 2, and they've took the challenge aspect of it way too far with this one, it might sound stupid but some parts really are that difficult it takes the fun away, im talking mainly about the liscence tests here lol.

So what did I do, I picked up GT2 on the cheap the other day, came home, got my PS emulator launched and I am now back in racing bliss! I'm currently trying to get all golds on the A-Liscence test so that I get a Dodge Viper Concept Car. For now though, admire my S2000 that I won for getting the B liscence on all golds :thumbup


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I still can't get my S liscense. I hate the fact that off-road and on-road tests are both put into the general liscense tests; I can't drive offroad.

I honestly can't say if the new generation GTs are something less than the older GTs, because I've never played GT1 and only a demo for GT2. However, GT3 and 4 are two of my favorite games.

I don't really mind a loss of a sense of speed as long as it's realistic. GT4 is supposed to be a "driving simulator," and if one desires speed, one is probably better off with NFS or Burnout.

Actually, in terms of a challenge, the "traditional" racing path (where you use your own car) was increadibly easy. I just transferred my 100,000 credits from GT3, bought a nice Skyline, and I've never had to buy a new "main" car; I just kept winning cars and the prizes piled up, and some of those prizes were pretty sweet.


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Nah, don't worry about the driving tests, the majority of them are fairly easy to get a bronze award, but for those hardcore few who demand that they get the best unlockable cars, you've GOT to go for the golds. And that my friend, is where people get p***ed off... I was playing through the A-Liscence on GT2 yesterday, and I swear down, you lot could've come over, got some popcorn and watch me get so p***ed off it'd be the funniest thing you ever saw.

Bronzes, I don't think you'll have too much trouble with, if you're feeling good go for the silvers, but don't bother with those golds unless you're :

A: In REAL need of some sweet sweet cars... Otherwise just buy em.

B: Mad

C: One hell of a persistent bugger

D: All of the above!


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Well I've got the game.

And nearly got all bronzes for my first licence (3 more teats to get the license).

On the 1st test I got GOLD!

Well I want all the cars, tracks, etc. unlocked in arcade mode.

How is that done?

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Holy s*** GT4 has an actual 24 hour race?!??! :D


You've just brought back memories of when I actually took on the 24 hour race on Le Mans 24 for the playstation!

God that was ALOT of coffee....

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Yeah I found it.

In Endurance Hall.

Grand Valley 300km

Laguna Seca 200 Miles

Roadster 4 Hours Endurance

Tokyo R246 300km

Super Speedway 150 Miles

Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurance

Nurburgring 4 Hours Endurance

Suzuka 1000km

Motegi 8 Hours Endurance

Tsukuba 9 Hours Endurance

Sarthe Circuit 24 Hours I

Sarthe Circuit 24 Hours II

Fuji 1000km

Infineon World Sport Car Trophy

El Captain 200 Miles

New York 200 Miles

You can save during the race can't you?

Is the time real life time, or game time? And isn't game time MUCH faster than real time?

I want all 700+ cars in the arcade more is that possible?

Please answer these questions. Thanks in advance!

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I've raced (and won) all the 24 hour races. SiMoNsAyS finger must have slipped, cuz his math was basically right (it takes a minimum of around 8 hours to do a 24 hour race because you can speed it up 3 times). However, you can only speed it up if you're letting the CPU race. Even then, as soon as your CPU makes a pit stop, the speed goes back down to 1x, so you could sit there for 8 hours resetting the speed while watching a movie or you could just let it run for a little less than 24 hours (so yes, when you're racing 1x, the race time is realtime).

Unfortunately, you can't save during a race (that wouldn't be too realistic), but you can save in between races in a race series.

Having all 700+ cars in arcade mode is possible, but I haven't figured out how to actually use some of them (for example, when I try to pick my 1hp, 3 wheeled, 1886 patent motor wagen, it says that its a special car and cant be used in battle mode [it maxes out around 10mph]). There are a couple cars that can only be used in certain places (like 1 player practice) and are only for show.

As for PS2s blowing up, I've left mine on playing GT4 for 169 hours straight and It still seems fine to me.

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thanks for the correction Tokugawapants, as what i know about gt4 is what i've read on ps2 forums.

btw, you don't need to run the 24h races to have 100% of the game ;)

also it is not recommended to left your machine running 24h (the gt4 manual recommends a 15min pause every 1h played, ironic, isn't it?). i know about this b/c v12 PS2s are specially picky with gt4 :P

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Well that's good if it not needed for 100%.

Thanks Tokugawapants and SiMoNsAyS for answering my Qs.

Has anyone tried the USB stick in GT4? Does any USB work?

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