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Installation Guide for Win98 SE SP 2.0


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Installation Guide


- Windows 98 SE English (4.10.2222A).

- 32 MB of RAM minimum.

- At least 40 MB free hard disk space.

Installation order:

*1- Install Windows 98 SE (with or without 98lite).

*2- Install IE 6.0 SP1.

3- Install all newest drivers of your hardware. If you have Intel chipset, you have to install Intel Chipset Software Utility and Intel Application Accelerator 2.3. If you have VIA chipset, you have to install VIA 4-in-1.

*4- Install DirectX (9.0c).

*5- Install MS Office.

*6- Install/Use 98lite to remove any features.

7- Close ALL open programs.

8- Install latest SE SP.

*9- Install critical updates from WindowsUpdate.

*10- Install Maximum-Decim's latest Native USB Drivers.

*11- Install MDGx's latest 98SE2ME.

*12- Install Tihiy's latest Revolutions Pack.

13- Update or re-install drivers of your hardware, if you have any problem.

A freshly installed Windows 98 SE is highly recommended. If Windows asks for rebooting during step 8, don't accept it. You should reboot only after "Installation is now complete" message.

* = Optional.

Update Guide

From 2.0.x to 2.1:


1- Close ALL open programs.

2- Install latest SE SP.

*3- Re-install MDGx's latest 98SE2ME.

*4- Re-install Tihiy's latest Revolutions Pack.

* = If you previously installed it.

Slipstreaming Guide

2.x supports a special slipstreaming method. Only hotfixes can be integrated into your Windows 98 SE Setup from the start. Other features like TweakUI cannot be integrated.

1- Copy \WIN98 directory with its contents from CD into your hard drive (like D:\WIN98).

2- With Winzip, Winrar or PowerArchiver, extract SP2.CAB from SESP21.EXE into a temporary directory.

3- Extract all files into D:\WIN98 from SP2.CAB. (For example, you should see D:\WIN98\ACPI.SYS file after extracting SP2.CAB).

4- Use D:\WIN98\SETUP.EXE for starting Windows 98 Setup. Windows 98 Setup will use these hotfixed files automatically during installation.

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ok. might have to disagree with no. 3. Install DX 9.0c fixes recent security problems

that have been exposed in DX 8.1b. No DX 8.1b MS04-016 patch is available for

Win98 & ME so the only way to fix the security problems in MS security bulletin MS04-016 is to install DirectX 9.0c which includes the security fixes for Win98 & ME.

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this is how i would do the install:

Installation order:

*1- Install Windows 98 SE (with our without 98lite).

2- Install IE 6.0 SP1.

3-Install DirectX (9.0c).

4- Install all latest drivers of your hardware

*5- Install MS Office.(And any other programs like norton/etc...)

6- Install SE SP 2.0.

7- Reboot.

8- Install 98lite to remove any features.

*9- Install critical updates from WindowsUpdate.(Make sure you have your icon cache increased as your icons could change and be unable to change them back)

*10- Install 982ME Latest Version.

this is the method i use:

installing ie6 before anything is crucial as some programs may need the newer ie files,next comes directx as some hardware might complain like a soundcard and you'll have lower sound quality then usual or a message will come up about directx,also it is best to install the sp before you use 98lite so that the sp updates all files instead of just the ones you have installed,also doing it this way allows you to reinstall those features with the newer files rather than with the old files,it is recomended to install the windows updates then install the latest version of 982ME.this is the method i use as i've had trouble with gapes installation method

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Interesting point(s) soldier1st:

¿¿¿¿and should we bloat the initial windows98 install with every single windows component/gadget option??? Let all that get updated, then un-bloat Windows as one likes.....Then, in the future, when one wants to re-add those optional components-- they'll already be updated???

ALLSSOOOO,,,,after applying 98lite, SE Sp, SE2ME--- when one adds/removes windows components--- this won't be an issue? Esp. since many ME files carry earlier dates than 98 files....

Don't see a way out other than having an SESP-ME edition-- this also vis-a-vis any future 98/ME patches/updates.......

Maybe batch-editing all ME/2K/XP added files' dates to today's would help-- but that still leaves the issue of any future 98 patches...


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horsecharles: i've done it other ways and either my sound don't work like it's sposed to or i can't get a network connection or 98 just plain acts up and a forced format and all gets broken

doing it like my method will avoid it.it just seems to work.do you want to to test my method?if so it's already been tested many times.also if you remove windows components,they won't be updated in case you decide to bring them back,not unless the sp updates em even if there not installed.

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soldier1st, you've made a key point:

sp updates em even if there not installed.
so, if i add remove, i need to run SE2ME again.

Your method's fine-- don't have any beefs with it at all. I don't have any issues actually-- & still have the ME drivers installed too.

My slow icon load totally righted itself after a couple of days...

If anything crops up though, i will format os partition & use your method--

along those lines the next project could be to include/ slipstream all other possible updates mentioned at MDGx site, like webfldrs, etc..... some batch file to confirm each/all ME file(s) successfully copied over(& also for confirming at anytime that they haven't been replaced by installing something else-- instead of running sfc) would be real useful.....

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Installation order:

1- Install Windows 98 SE

2- Edit autoecex.bat (I install ramdisk(xmsdsk) 640MB, because I have 715MB RAM)


mode con codepage prepare=((852) C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ega.cpi)

mode con codepage select=852

keyb pl,,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\keybrd4.sys

C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\xmsdsk.exe /y /t 640000 v:


3- Reboot.(and now Windows see only 32 ram)

4- Install drivers: VIA Service Pack (VIA 4 In 1)

5- Install drivers: network adapters

6- Install SE SP 2.0

7- Edit autoecex.bat (I remove "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\xmsdsk.exe /y /t 640000 v:")

8- Reboot.

6- Install all latest drivers of your hardware

7- Install DirectX (9.0c).

8- Install IE 6.0 SP1(but I not use IE. I use internet browser ""K_Meleon"")

9- Install windows media player codec pack 8 and 9.

10- Install MS Office97 (is the best) .And any other programs like foobar2000(the best player mp3)

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mkjp: 10- Install MS Office97 (is the best).

I like it very much also, BUT, i prefer to install office97 very early, some of those files are low versions-- then i run a registry repairer or spybot/tools/sysiternals-- the install is very sloppy(all versions, including 23k are): some files are left behind in temp folder, there're both erroneous & misspelled reg shortcuts / paths, a few missing files(some discontinued, some still at windows update) that didn't make it on the install cd)... i choose to manually repair & find fixes, rather than allow autofix, which's usually delete reg entry. Then i apply @ 3 dozen subsequent upgrades & optional components(can't get the most recent Excel updates to install for some reason).

I fully agree that a completely patched OFFICE 97, with all optional components installed, is very, very good and can suffice-- significant updates were added to it right up until 2000.

I've been replacing a bunch of the updated dlls from 97 & 2k with their counterparts from XP & 23K(nothing too thorough, just whatever i notice)-- have only found a couple that didn't take...

btw, the following site: http://www.freebizmag.com/emailessentials03welcome.htm will give you a free copy of OfficeReady Essentials Home Page-- Pro & Regular Retail versions that installs into Office(didn't try to add it to 97, just using it in 2k), as well as totally-free yearly magazine subscriptions, in exchange for registering-- no cc, nor any financial info/process takes place.

What's good about the site is that if you have patience, almost all major periodicals are offered free at one time or another-- offers come & go quickly though. (btw no spam risk here)

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Installation order:

1- Install Windows 98 SE


6- Install all latest drivers of your hardware

7- Install DirectX (9.0c).

8- Install IE 6.0 SP1(but I not use IE. I use internet browser ""K_Meleon"")

9- Install windows media player codec pack 8 and 9.

10- Install MS Office97 (is the best) .And any other programs like foobar2000(the best player mp3)

I agree with you mkjp on some things (foobar2000 for instance).

I usually do only clean installs of Win98SE.

Here's my install:

1. format c: /q (my C drive has only 1-2 Gb, and the information kept there is expendable)

2. Install 98lite (+ Win98SE) -> NO IE!!!

3. Install latest drivers

4. Install directx 8.1

5. Install Sesp2.0

6. Install programs (only few: Total Commander, Irfanview, Firefox, foobar2000 or winamp 2.91, a colection of video/audio codecs made by a friend and other programs).

My system is a rocket.. Thanks, Gape!

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