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  1. Nice Update from CCCP Cumulative Update ver.2.00 + Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack 2.0 = Unofficial Win98 SE Cumulative Service Pack "4.0"
  2. Installation order: 1- Install Windows 98 SE 2- Edit autoecex.bat (I install ramdisk(xmsdsk) 640MB, because I have 715MB RAM) ---------- mode con codepage prepare=((852) C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ega.cpi) mode con codepage select=852 keyb pl,,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\keybrd4.sys C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\xmsdsk.exe /y /t 640000 v: ---------- 3- Reboot.(and now Windows see only 32 ram) 4- Install drivers: VIA Service Pack (VIA 4 In 1) 5- Install drivers: network adapters 6- Install SE SP 2.0 7- Edit autoecex.bat (I remove "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\xmsdsk.exe /y /t 640000 v:") 8- Reboot. 6- Install all latest drivers of your hardware 7- Install DirectX (9.0c). 8- Install IE 6.0 SP1(but I not use IE. I use internet browser ""K_Meleon"") 9- Install windows media player codec pack 8 and 9. 10- Install MS Office97 (is the best) .And any other programs like foobar2000(the best player mp3)
  3. Service Pack 2.0 have internet tweaks???????
  4. Explorer.exe v4.72.3110.1 Explorer_v4.72.3110.1.us.zip
  5. OK I have better notepad And I fix this problem with Explorer. I install Explorer.exe v4.72.3110.1 name : explorer.exe size : 180224 from : Windows 98 build 4.10.2222 A (US) version : 4.72.3110.1 //------------ Offset 0x4B6B : 01 -> 11 Offset 0xB4D2 : 01 -> 11
  6. Give me instruction step by step!!!! Because I can not install better notepad and 256-bit try
  7. I found better taskmanager http://www.coolbeans.ws/sysinfo.shtml
  8. Service Pack install version for DOS?????
  9. add to Service Pack taskmanager "Cool Beans System Info" is free. http://www.coolbeans.ws/sysinfo.shtml Gape
  10. I have a problem. 256-color tray icons >>> not work but I Repair it. http://www.dr-hoiby.com/TrayIconIn256Color/ on this web You can test your TrayBar capabilities with this small test
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