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acrobat alternative: recommendation needed


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How about it all. Can anyone recommend a non-bloatware alternative to adobe reader? The only feature I'm interested in is a full text search (beyond the normal reader functionality).

I've poked around in google and on sourceforge.net but haven't found anything that's small and to-the-point. Ghost script, for example, is nearly as large as adobe reader.

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The banner ads? You can remove those by going into the View menu in the program! Also, it's only v1.2, not v7.02. Give the author(s) some time to improve it. I viewed a huge PDF file from Google results and it looked fine. It's just a PDF file, don't be so picky...its not like its Video. :P

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i'd heard of foxit before, but after reading this this thread and finally trying it i must say im impressed. Its about 1MB and does NOT Install! It only associates itself with PDF files on first run. If i can plug that "Advertisement" which is really not all that bad :) i will switch in a heart beat.

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Should anyone need a plugin for Bart PE, here is a link to plugins (on 911CD forum):



As said there to critics to this proggie:

As of now I tried it with up to 30Mb .pdf files with no problems.(not from WinPe but from within standard 2k install)

It is visibly faster than Acroread.

It actually seems to have some glitches on bookmarks, though.

However I think that it might be the files' fault.

As a matter of fact PDF is somewhat a "closed format" and by the flourishing of "PDF creators" it is probable that some files, created with something that is not the original Adobe Acrobat somehow go astray from the right specification.

For example I am experimenting with this nifty freeware:

PDF Explorer


which works for me very well except for a couple of files.

The same files minimally edited and re-saved work well.

And what do you want from a free 1 Mb proggie, blood?


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