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  1. I need to install Office 2007 in Vista without sharepoint services. Although I set "Windows sharepoint services support" to "Not available" it always being installed. If run Office installer once again to check the installed features, "sharepoint services support" are always displayed selected and installed. Disabling them again didn't help. I wonder if it's a dependency issue or something else; I've reinstalled Vista and Office 2007 from scratch but still have the same problem. What can I do to prevent those damned "sharepoint services" from being installed? Thanks.
  2. Vista backup is just a toy! What kind of backup utility is that doesn't allow users to select what files and folders will be backed up. Previous NTbackup was limited too but had a file/folder selector.
  3. This is a rare problem caused by some icon editing applications. By default, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ico\Content Type value is configured to image/x-icon. If some program changed that many small control panel icons, including those in posted screenshot, are missing. Change this registry value to image/x-icon and everything will be OK. I've noticed that issue years ago, when first installed an icon editor named ArtIcons Pro.
  4. Absolutely wrong. Page file is required by Windows, regardless the size of system RAM. Many people think that pagefile is only used as virtual memory extender something wrong. Even with more than 2GB of RAM installed, many programs, including system services and processes, swap most of their allocated memory in pagefile, keeping a small amount in RAM. Changing that behavior, desabling pagefile use, makes all programs use system RAM. The problem is that Win kernel plus all services and inner processes actually use a large amound of RAM, sometimes more than available. If there is no pagefile, system changes processing thread prioritization to make them workable with reduced memory. That decreases performance and the unrecoverable error is near. Same happens non only with windows but also with all VM OSes like MacOS X, BSD, Linux etc. BTW Windows XP also use a pagefile located in system disk (c:) to diagnose application and system errors, creating the known "memory dump files" http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...md_stp_mncs.asp http://members.shaw.ca/bsanders/WindowsGen...PageFileEtc.htm
  5. Firefox is a different story, Adblock may be a nice extension but there are people who don't use FireFox at'all. Personally i never liked it. I have to agree with Jeremy, AdMuncher is still #1 in ads filtering. It works with any browser or http enabled applications, including all those ad-wares. And best of all, AdMuncher uses low level hooks instead installing an annoying IE toolbar (BHO). I use AM since its very first days and never regret it.
  6. I'm not that sure you can find anything better than Registry Workshop. I was searching for such a tool years now. Most of them were useless amateur and buggy apps, others just had no more features than plain regedit. All that time, I used to work with RegCrawler because it was the only one able to search the whole registry in less time than regedit. Then i've found Registry Workshop. I've got it registered and never looked back.
  7. Besides the annoying ads, Foxit also has many rendering issues and a low quality postscript engine. I think you should stick with AR7.
  8. You should always leave, at least a small sized pagefile in system disk. If second disk fail on startup, Windows will never boot without VM. Also system debugging / mem dumps only work if there is some VM allocated in master disk. IMHO setting "System managed size" for both disks is faster (especially on SCSI/SATA disks) and much more safe. Regards
  9. DiskJuggler is my favorite since its very first days. Never liked bloated applications like Nero and the rest. DJ is pro-class, and has many advanced features like multiple CD/Robots burning, burn to lan devices, an excellent low level engine, audio RIP premastering. All in less than 5-6 MB (13 with PDF manual).
  10. Never found that "perfect" registry cleaner. Most of them are useless if not dangerous. Most of them use the same approach, searching for a referenced file and mark key as invalid if that file cannot be found. For me, this is absolutely wrong method. It may work on recent file lists (MRU) but it's wrong when checking classes, OLE keys and various other registry elements. The best cleaner for me, is an advanced registry editor (eg Registry Workshop) or an ultrafast reg searching util (RegCrawler) and that's all. For the rest people who like those cleaning tools, i suggest something that can handle exceptions, thus giving the option to exclude valid and dangerous entries from been identified as invalid. Tools like AceUtilities, Reg First Aid and a few others are just a few of them. Others, are almost useless although are well known even bestsellers. PS: NEVER allow a reg cleaner to erase found keys without first check them. And btw, always keep a backup. Regards
  11. I cannot suggest an imaging backup because i don't use them. Data backup, is something i really use everyday. Second Copy used to be an excellent idea but author has stopped its development, so don't expect advanced features like CDRW support, 64bit zip archiving and the rest. BackupMyPC looks quite professional but uses proprietary backup format. It also installs a device filter driver to access CDRW drives, something that cause trouble because of incompatibilities with other system drivers. Genie used to be my company's choice as a data backup solution. v4 and the latest Pro v5 is very good product, stable and very fast indeed. The problem with GBP, even the latest Pro version, is that it doesn't support 64bit ZIP deflate. That limits single archive file size to less than 2GB. My favorite backup program, is Backup4All. Same size as GBM, has more professional features, like 64bit zip file support, built-in CDRW/DVD burning, backup versioning, all strategies (incr, diff, mirror) and advanced logging and statistics. I registered it for my personal jobs, and never regreted. Even the company i work for, switched from Genie to Backup4All because of zip64 and excellent support from authors.
  12. Please add the following awarded best sellers SuperCleaner (The smallest) Ace Utilities (The most complete) First one is what i suggest to my company's clients, it's affordable, stable and extremely small. The second is what i currently use. It has advanced features like one of the best reg cleaners, in a small footprint. Regards
  13. If you mean that BIOS setup asks for a pasword, then the solution is quite simple. Open computer chassis, and find a jumber that clears you bios setting, reverting them to default (no password). This jumber is close to battery found on any motherboard. You better read motherboard's manual to find that jumber. If you cannot, then simply remove that battery for a few seconds (10-20). That will clean BIOS CMOS memory, also reverting settings to defaults. I hope it helps
  14. Yes it's also free from the functionality a scipt based installation has. For simple "install-those-files-here" setups, wizard based installers are just fine. But nothing competes a script in terms of power and customization.
  15. Nice site but too ...Italian for my taste
  16. PerfectDisk, it's the smallest, fastest and absolutely reliable
  17. My favourite editor, also the official editor in the company i work for, is UltraEdit since its early days. As for resource editor, i search for years for a stable and secure one but haven't found any. Resource Hacker was nice but it author stopped its development. Resource Tuner is stable and nice looking but has no features, like dialog, toolbar and user data resource support, RC text editing etc. Restorator and ResBuilder are too buggy for me. So i gave up and use VisualStudio resource editor. A monster though
  18. Use DiskJuggler from http://www.padus.com a real pro-class application at an affordable price. Far better solution for multiple burners than Nero. It also supports network shared burners and autoloaders / printers etc. Regards
  19. Command prompt cannot be skinned. Read the following MS article... http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;306509

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