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Slipstreaming Windows Media Player 10

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5 Easy Steps to Slipstream WMP10:

1. Download setup file here.

2. Extract the files into your I386 folder.

3. Find HIVESYS.INF in your i386 folder.

4. Add this line:


5. Save the file and recompress it using makecab.



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Nice guide but just for the records I'd like to warn everybody about modifying their I386 distribution folder.

Many times, people come around and complain about trouble they have with their Unattended Setup. Messing up with the files in your I386 distribution folder WILL make troubleshooting harder.

For instance:

- Replacing or "updating" files (inf, dll, compressed cab, etc.)

- Adding new files

- Removing files for space saving (drivers, etc.)

Please use extreme caution when doing this and keep a log of the changes you have made

Only exception:

svcpack folder



bootfix.bin (press any key to boot from cd...)

LANG folder (remove if not needed)

WIN9XMIG, WIN9XUPG and WINNTUPG (remove if not needed)

You'll never know what could happen later and you should always keep your I386 distribution folder as genuine as possible.

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Incroyable HULK is right that a certain amount of precaution should be taken when replacing files in the i386 directory. To prevent such errors, i would suggest that before you install Windows with WMP slipstreamed onto your main computer, that you test it out on a virtual machine.

On another note, Microsoft files are usually safe if the version you replaced the original with is newer than the original.

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if you can get a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 install it with a Pro key... than you will have the "newest" windows pro edition with WMP10

MCE detect's the key...

What about the 2nd MCE-disc?

Doesn't XP ask for this disc; so the installation won't be truly Unattended anymore?

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Theres now a screenshot on the first post of this topic.

Couldn't I just make a sfx of the remaining files and install them from main_batch.cmd?

Sure you could, if you know where to put the files. Try looking at some of the inf files.


How is the compatibility of this method with nLite and removing WMP9?

Can I remove both player and codecs?

Im not sure about any possible compatibility problems regarding nLite and this guide. I wouldnt remove the current player because the WMP10 files simply overwrites the WMP files on the CD. In fact, there should be no traces of the previous WMP that im aware of other than some registry entries. If there are, please let me know.

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You'll never know what could happen later and you should always keep your I386 distribution folder as genuine as possible.
No, this merging is nice. You can always keep a CD with the original files, locked away somewhere.
Sorry to say, some of the features of WMP10 like its MP3 encoder and all the online music stores won't be installed.
I think I'd wait though, until that is fixed somehow.


Screenshot in first post was too large in file-size. Edited to cut down size.

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