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  1. yes... the new DCS1 compression isn't something you luckily have to take care off... just the more or less regular compression. yes of course i tested you're free version but as you also know the interessting part is only in payed version and unless I know it's working the way I think it should/have to work it would be some blind buy (for me, in a technical aspect).
  2. interessting info that you have created you're own engine... didn't know that. so i guess you're reading out the mum and manifest files and do the "magic?" sidequestion: did you expand the manifest files by yourself or was there some little help by mdl / superbubble SxSExpander? of course i was pretty interessed as you announced ntlite in the beginning but as for many of us (no more criticise) the price is/was just out of range for "just some" modding/creating experimental windows versions.
  3. great work! and Tihiy may can also implement it in SiB ^^
  4. Yours is for personal user His is for sign-in mask (dark blue) Here some all values (also für autounattend)
  5. Sure. Most of us (power-users) prefer the classis startmenu. But when I change the system from W7 to W8 I guess I will use my methode in combination with classic shell.
  6. But this can be easily disabled with a registry entry. I thought this Desktop Experience Pack thing is not installed by default?!
  7. Bypassing metro that way in Windows Server 2012 (and perhaps in 8 too) has a small issue - you loose access to "Change PC settings", with boot to desktop enabled this setting is gone: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'd prefer Ex7forW8 to get rid of metro. I also can't confirm this. And please don't use this for Server 2012. You can easily disable Modern/Metro with a registry key! The policy for Server 2012 is default to load straigt into desktop.
  8. you can contact me if you want.. - it seems you have also a very nice approch as i tested you startisback tool. looks like mine.. - contact details on the website. would be nice to hear from you. - i also will provide details of my methode to you if you want/need. I'm actually not really patching or modifing any system files.
  9. Right. Not yet... It will be ported to an exe for better Errorhandling. I guess a release will be available this or next week. - I will keep the neowin post and youtube description up to date.
  10. My version of bypassing Metro UI after logon doesn't require any tool or programm and does it in a nativ way. - You won't see Metro at all while login. - Also not the 1-2 sec. right after the login. You can skip to 2:45.
  11. 2 packages for 32 bit are 64bit. it should be Windows6.1-KB982132-x86 Windows6.1-KB983590-x86
  12. Hi, i don't know if this is the right category, if not please move. KISS: I want to remove inbox drivers from windows 7. I want to remove them with DISM. But DISM won't let me remove inbox drivers. I think this inbox flag is set in infpub.dat or infstor.dat or infstrng.dat or even a combination of this. I tried many things to "kill" this flag with no luck. (HEXediting) I also tried to remove the package dependencie but also with no luck. maybe someone know more, like the guy who wrotes "install_wim_tweak.exe" I really want to remove them, not update. e.g. i want absolutly no IDE support (mshdc.inf)
  13. does really nobody know how this bootprocess work? building the hive, detecting hal, 'create' minint and so on...?!
  14. this answer is NOT satisfying at all. because: * system32 contains all HALs. *In inf/sif/ini files you will find entries with hal.inf (doesn't exist at offline/cd stage) * i want to know the process of booting / building WinPE * to say that /minint means WinPE issn helpful... my question is: what are the operations/trigger behind this switch
  15. Hi folks. I have a simple question. Does anyone know how WinPE (i think it's 1.6) XP SP3 / OPK detects the hal while booting? and in addition to this, what does the /minint switch do exactly? Has anyone some more informations about the steps and processes while booting?! thanks.
  16. to the first one... i did'nt found a string with "Bitte warten (...)" (german) --> [means: "please wait..."] i will try the days with an edited ntoskrnl (selfediting failed all the time) hm... both has to do with ntoskrnl... next question, which is for me more interessting: how to get/treat windows to run/show messages like the secound one? checkdisk and i remember that partition magic run in this mode, does anyone know something more?
  17. Are you sure that the first one will read out of the ntosknl? it's NOT while booting! it's after booting and running the first time
  18. Look at the pictures... i think you all will know
  19. You're right / I can confirm And there is a String called "Windows Setup"
  20. WPA is dedicated to you're Volume-Serial which changes on every formating (i think it was something in this way) look for antiWPA board to get more information.
  21. KNARZ

    How does vlite work?

    great answer... it has nothing to do with my question
  22. I have a another question. i really like vlite, but i also want to do slim-down my vista by hand... ...so how i can slim my install.wim by hand?! which tools are needed and how? or... how does vlite do? i didn't like nlite because of all the "created with nlite" comments and editing files which aren't nessesary for installation..

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