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  1. Im back from the dead everyone! It seems like no one managed to get my setup working still. I found out that my method of slipstreaming left some err... "traces" of WMP9, even when done correctly. The best way for me to slipstream it is if i had a copy of MCE2005, which i dont, so i can take a look at wmp.inf. if you have a copy of it, please let me..."borrow" it.
  2. I was the guy who made the original WMP10 slipstream guide. But unfortunately, i found that the way i slipstreamed it was not a very clean slipstream, so im hoping to examine how M$ did it with MCE2005. only problem is that i dont have it, but i need to get my hands on a copy of wmp.in_ from the cd.
  3. Hello everyone! Im back from a very long break from this site (too long perhaps). So does anyone remember me?
  4. It would be slower because Windows Xp uses more system resources.
  5. System services require system permissions. For example, if you set your Documents and Settings folder to your account only, when you restart and logon you wouldn't be able to do anything b/c the system cant access the folder.
  6. I copy everything from my slipstreamed XP SP2 cd to my HD. Then i download the file and extract it into my I386 directory. And i burn it onto a new disk and reinstall. Of course i dont do any other changes in case they might interfere with it.
  7. You mightve replaced a system file that is authenticated. What files did you replace? And please be more specific on your topic titles next time.
  8. Im getting mixed responses here, some say this works and others say it doesnt. @sdfhacker you shouldnt have to register any dll's, XP should do it for you if this has been done correctly.
  9. 12 would suffice for now, unless computer speed were to increase exponentially. For those who want to do the math, say that you were to use an alphanumerical passwords with casing, symbols, and ALT+characters. Alphanumerical passwords with cases alone allows 62 different combos. Add that to about 10 symbols and ALT+characters and thats 82 different combos. Since the password length is 12, calculate 82^12, which is about 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different combos. If a cracker managed to take over 10,000 super computers, each capable of trying a billion passwords per/s, it would still take about 100,000 days to crack. But say that halfway between all those possibilities lies your password; that would result in your password being cracked in 50,000 days, or about only 150 years.
  10. Yes it does secure your computer, but it still doesnt make it completely secure, especially IE. Also it may have adverse effects on your computer, e.g. cant run certain programs, cant upload huge files, etc.
  11. It's actually either a key in HKLM\SAM or HKLM\SECURITY. Both are protected so you dont really have way of accessing it directly.
  12. You shouldnt underestimate the power of old software.
  13. This topic will be updated once a week or so (depending on how busy i am) about my top favorite free software for the week. It'll include the link to the download so you can try it out yourself and give me feedback. Hide-it-Window Hiding App
  14. Hmm...seems like Windows XP setup verifies wmp.in_ authenticity. In that case, then it seems like I cant automatically apply the registry entries without the hivesys.inf file, which is huge. Anyway, im sorry that i didnt test that build first. I've reuploaded the old TESTED version without the registry change.
  15. Can you give me a bit more details and describe each step you took? btw, you werent suppose to edit wmp.in_. Its already editted.
  16. Updated first post. Posted new setup that fixes reported bugs. As for the .CAT files, unless a majority of the users need WFP, im not overly worried.
  17. I dont think thats what the CAT files are for. Arent they just to verify file authenticity? If they were WFP protected files, then the previous version of WMP wasnt protected because the corresponding CAT files doesnt exist for the files.
  18. Err...right on both statements. I'm still deciding the best method for appending text to the hivesys file. I'll add the missing file whenever possible. So anyone with storage space?
  19. I think we all have some sort of problem related to the issue of hardware compatibility. Standby used to work perfectly for me until SP2.
  20. 70°C is recommended max; so you actually have plenty of leeway.
  21. sp2 firewall does provide some degree of protection . i use it all the time with packet filtering also. true it doesnt protect you from outbound packets, but basic security rule: if a malicious app has access to your comp, then it's not your comp. so why does it need to filter outbound packets, if the application sending those packets can perhaps kill the firewall? btw do any of the people with about 20 security apps ever think about the hardware strain?

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