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  1. Has anyone else ever had this problem.

    Man I hate this bug too! Refreshing doesn't work for me. I haven't disabled autorun. Usually it still allows me to view the contents of the cd\dvd. If I restart my pc with the new cd in the drive. It sees it properly upon reboot. But, thats a pain in the butt.
  2. µTorrent 1.2 (was 1.1)

    So we could probally just place µTorrent and a settings.dat file and stick it into our system32 folder for a unattended install. Then just add a torrent asociation in a batch file. I switched from Bit Tornado to µTorrent. P.S. sorry for the edit, I was adding not removing.
  3. Has the DRM / WMV-HD playing issue been resolved?
  4. @boooggy Does using your wmp10 pack have the toolbar option problem like RyanVM's?
  5. UPS Hack

    Ya, from what I can remember it was that long. The only thing that you don't have is automatic shut down when the battery is about to die. Like the real thing does. If you were good in electronics or knew someone who was you could make a monitoring system fairly easily. Man I wish I could find the article. EDIT: You can get 12v -> 240v inverters too. If that is what your country uses. I would imagine they would be a bit less efficient. But, still. hehe
  6. UPS Hack

    Make your own ups. I seen a tutorial for this before. Take a car battery charger connect it to a decent sized car battery. Take A 12V -> 110V power inverter an connect it to the car battery also. Now the car charger charges the battery and the inverter draws from that battery. Power fails the charger quits charging. But, the inverter keeps running off of the battery. In the article that I found, can't find it anymore, the guy had his computer, 17" monitor, printer, scanner, and portable phone base unit all running off of the car battery. It ran for TEN freakin HOURS!!!! Sure it's a bit big and clumbsy. But, it's a heck of a runtime. The only thing that I don't remember is the size of the inverter. I would probally at least go with a 800W. Someday I plan on doing this. EDIT: modem is powered by the computer. Phones are powered by the bell wire. Router can be hooked into the ups. DSL\Cable modem can be hooked into the ups also.
  7. Silent install of MS's Raw viewer?

    Excellent! She works 100% on my box. Thank you
  8. Is there a way of silently installing this.
  9. Extracting Windows Core

    Cool! Does it still have networking support? Can it still run most win32 apps? If so it would be sweet to make it boot off of a cd into a ram drive like Bartpe\Winpe. And use it in a similar way.
  10. WMP10 Complete Slipstream

    Does this benefit over just running the modified wmp10 setup file that I found on here to silently install it? So I gather removing wmp9 with nLite & selecting the wmp9 compatibility doesn't work? P.S. No, I didn't take the time to sift through the whole thread for answers. There is too much to read.
  11. Cool, thanks. Didn't notice that one.
  12. Does anyone have a complete file extension list for Quicktime & Real media player that I can use to associate with media player? Thanks.
  13. Adobe Reader 7.01 Update

    Hmmm, not too bad of a looking program. Seems to use less memory than adobe reader when viewing pdf's. And it doesn't seem to have the habit of keeping itself active in task manager like acrobat does. The only thing I don't like about it is its search function. I rather acrobat's. But, I can live with it.
  14. Were you able too still see other computers when you tried going to "my network places" & then go to "View workgroup computers"? I am having this problem on an older install that I am too lazy to fix lol. I have to do this \\server\drive I want. It's a pain in the butt.
  15. Is there a way to make drives automatically shared on a network? Mainly any hard drive that is in the system, would be nice.