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  1. Woah. Just read this after I donated some bucks yesterday (transaction code 0F8906070W3310213). That's pretty lame that only a few users decide to support this great product. OK, I have to take a good look at myself, because I also use the software for years now and didn't donate yet. But I once created a theme for it (discontinued and lost :-( ) to show my appreciation. The release policy is OK for me and I think I will donate some more in the near future. Maybe I will "purchase" a commercial license one day. I'm glad to have you back on board... Somehow. Regards Jan
  2. Sounds cool. Is there any date when 8.6.5 will be released? Cheers and regards *Edit: Note: We can see the order number are changed, after the reboot!?...But the installation order is fine and all works fine.
  3. I got the exact same issue here. Is there a fix already?
  4. OK, I know, this thread is reaaally old, but I lost the source files of this WPI theme. If anyone has got the original archive, please send it to me or put it as an attachment here and I'll have a look, if I can do something to update it, OK?
  5. Hi, I'm sorry I left you for so long, but my spare time is really really rare... The theme is still available, but I changed the path a little bit. The new path is: Download Sorry for any inconvenience cu FuNKeR
  6. I'm also not too happy with your decision. I would like to use XPlode as an Select-Installer on a second DVD, that is NOT startet unattendedly after or while Installation. And I also do not use the latest version everytime they are released. I got older versions on my computer and they work fine for me. And I also want to use the DVD for desaster recovery. So when my harddrive crashes, I got a DVD with programs and a fantastically designed XPlode, but cannot use it, because the eval (or whatever) period is over. So I need to install every app on my own again, that is not the sense of XPlode I think... So I will stay with version 4.1 or so and be happy for all the time. Of course I still don't really know about new features of 4.2, because I haven't looked into these forums for a while. cu FuNKeR
  7. I'm sorry for the really really late reply, but I did not have too much time to look in every thread and care for every project I startet sometimes I wish I could... I have probably lost the Inspirat files for the theme and also the other one. I have to take a look in my old email I sent to myself, but I think, the possibility that I find it again goes straight to zero I'M SORRY !!! I'll see, what I can do with the new version of WPI. Maybe I create a theme based on Royal Inspirat SE made by StefanKa, which I currently use. Screenshot But I cannot promise to do so in the next time. cu FuNKeR
  8. Let's see, if I understood, what you said. You want an XPlode using the select plugin, that starts another XPlode using GUIredraw? So if that is your question, the solution is easy. simply create two XML files (XPLodeSelect.xml and XPlodeRedraw.xml for example). First call XPlode with the select plugin: XPlode.exe /xml:"#XPLODE#\XPlodeSelect.xml" /log:"#XPLODE#\XPlodeSelect.log" Within this XML call XPlode again with the second XML: XPlode.exe /xml:"#XPLODE#\XPlodeRedraw.xml" /log:"#XPLODE#\XPlodeRedraw.log" And in this XML you can define all programs you wish to call with this one. Hope this is clear cu FuNKeR
  9. You should be more precise. I cannot mention what you mean exactly cu FuNKeR
  10. Little correction here: THe latest version is not 1.1, but 1.0.1 cu FuNKeR
  11. I don't really know about that, but I don't need to take care of this. cu FuNKeR
  12. I recommend using Notepad2 by www.flos-freeware.ch. It is as fast as the original Notepad, has got text highlighting and you can make the line numbers being shown. Hope, that helps. btw: You can easily implement Notepad2 in your unattended installation. Simply download, unpack and rename the Notepad2.exe to Notepad.exe. Then open a command prompt in the directory, Notepad2 is in. Then type makecab Notepad.exeAfter that, just put the notepad.ex_ in your i386 folder on your unattended CD and Windows will install the new Notepad instead of the old one cu FuNKeR
  13. Oh, that's cool Just wanted to ask if there is a fix for it. cu FuNKeR
  14. Got it! Don't really know, what it was, but it works now See attachment for the solution I normally have all the drivers in the package I put in some more printers we needed. cu FuNKeR printers.zip
  15. Hi again, Tested some things out with the drivers and ended up with being able to install just one of six drivers Only the 1100d driver installed qithout errors on different machines. The others bring up some weird messages I cannot allocate Here is my batch file for the drivers: @ECHO OFF ECHO Installiere HP Business Inkjet 1100d ... rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "HP Business Inkjet 1100d" /f c:\hp\1100d\hpf1100k.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "hp business inkjet 1100 series" ECHO Installiere HP Business Inkjet 1200d ... rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "HP Business Inkjet 1200d" /f c:\hp\1100d\hpf1200k.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "HP Business Inkjet 1200 Series" ECHO Installiere HP Deskjet 640c ... rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "HP Deskjet 640c" /f c:\hp\1100d\hpf640k.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "hp deskjet 640c series" /y ECHO Installiere HP Deskjet 840c ... rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "HP Deskjet 840c" /f c:\hp\1100d\hpf840k.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "hp deskjet 840c series" ECHO Installiere HP Deskjet 930c ... rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "HP Deskjet 930c" /f c:\hp\1100d\hpf930k.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "hp deskjet 930c series" ECHO Installiere HP Deskjet 940c ... rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "HP Deskjet 940c" /f c:\hp\1100d\hpf940k.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "hp deskjet 940c series" The first printer (1100d) works great and installs properly. The second (1200d) message brings up this error: The command "rundll" was not successful (freely translated from german) Command: /if /b "HP Business Inkjet 1200d" /f c:\hp\1100d\hpf1200k.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "HP Business Inkjet 1200 Series". The action (?) could not be completed. The command "rundll" was not successful. Command: /if /b "HP Deskjet 640c" /f c:\hp\1100d\hpf640k.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "hp deskjet 640c series" /y. You either typed a wrong printer name or the printer is not commencted to the server anymore. Klick "Help" for further informations. THe other four drivers bring up this message: The printer command "rundll" was not successful. Command: /if /b "HP Deskjet 930c" /f c:\hp\1100d\hpf930k.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "hp deskjet 930c series". The action (?) could not be completed. May anyone help me pleeease. We have got about 50 notebooks to configure and it's pretty annoying, when we need to install every driver by hand cu FuNKeR
  16. As i read somewhere the commands in the GuiRunOnce sections are not handeled in any particular order. Mabe I'm wrong, but why don't you put the cleanup.cmd in the wpi.cmd as it is in the example wpi.cmd? Could be that it works then. cu FuNKeR
  17. Hmn... well, that does not seem to work, when the printer is not connected... I'll try some more variations of this command cu FuNKeR
  18. I think I did not get the point What method do you mean though? EDIT: Ah, think I got it now. You meant the "rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /?" command. Tried it and found this "predefined" command: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "Testdrucker" /f %windir%\inf\ntprint.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "AGFA-AccuSet v52.3" This could be useful for me. I will try it with RAR-archives that execute the commands after extraction I'll report, if it works. cu FuNKeR
  19. Well, all I personally need, are the drivers mentioned in my first post. I already got them and I only install them via the new printer wizard. I do not need the utilities. The point is, that I need to use them with Win2000, not XP. Maybe this makes it a lot more difficult? cu FuNKeR
  20. Hi there. I wondered, if someone had a solution for my problem. I want to install some printer drivers (HP DJ640C, DJ840C, DJ930C, DJ940C, BIJ1100d, BIJ1200d) on a ready-to-go system. At the moment we always need to install every driver by hand with the new printer wizard and this is not really time saving. Is there a possibility to build a package or something, that installs the drivers alltogether? That would be great. btw: I do not need it in an unattended installation, so there is no need to hide everything. A statusbar would be better then, so you can see, when it is finished. btw2: I'm not a fan of AutoIt for these kind of installations then, so please don't tell me, I have to use it. There must be another way Thanks for your help. cu FuNKeR
  21. I still don't know about the release date. I will try to finish the WPI ASAP, but I cannot promise anything... cu FuNKeR
  22. Any what? ETA? What is that? You mean a release date or something? cu FuNKeR
  23. It's very easy though. If you have just a little bit of HTML knowledge, that's really simple. The only thing you need is to edit the wpi.htm in the themes\themename folder. Find out, how the htm is structured and edit your line(s) in there. Done cu FuNKeR
  24. http://webdesjan.kicks-a**.org/images/desk..._2005-02-07.jpg cu FuNKeR
  25. Maybe maybe I will see, when I got the time to do so. Have got some projects at work for now plus my exams. cu FuNKeR

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