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HOTFIXES: Windows XP SP2 & Windows 2000 SP4

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can someone hack the tcpip.sys again the update KB893066 is installing a new version  :(

According to the download page for Ryan's Update pack (here) there is already a new hacked version available. Look at the bottom under Unsupported Downloads.

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Fresh clean install using New RyanVM pack 1.21 medium, Windows Update states fully up to date. This install additionally included the new cab for BTS WMP slipstreamer method.

Thanks Ryan.

Just one thing to mention, the pack cannot be used correctly yet using nLite, as Ryans site will tell you it requires nlite 0.99.9, but the current version at the time of writing is nLite v0.99.8 beta 5. You will therefore need to follow the manual integration instructions until nuhi updates.

As a quick followup to that, it should be noted that nuhi updated his site today saying that the new version should be coming tomorrow :).
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I'm new to this rather lovel slipstreaming business and had made myself a RyanVMifiyed-nLited-bootable CD (with the medium package).

It works excellently and leaves no updates, but Sys File checker reports 'replaced' files at every reboot. I don't want to have to disable SFC in nLite as it would seem to be an unfortuante security exposure and I don't want to give the technophobic parents a computer that does funny things.

Did I do something wrong with RyanVM's package, or is this just an unfortunate feature of the packages?

My solution for the time being is to manually /integrate: each patch (very tedious) and it won't work forever as the CD will overflow before SP3 I suspect!


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I have a werid issue when manually integrating the 1.2.1 update pack.

after executing the "__integrate.exe" , it prompts a message in the command prompt as below

'C:\DOCUME~1\Administrator\Local' is not recognized as an internal or external c

ommand,operable program or batch file.

what's going wrong?

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First off, please keep questions about my pack to my forums. They're there for a reason. Second, I'm betting it's another form of this issue (from my FAQ):

The __integrate.exe window flashes immediately then closes.

This is caused by a limitation of the batch file compiler software used. It's caused by having a long system TEMP variable. To work around the issue, open up the System Properties control panel. There's an "Environment Variables" button under the Advanced tab. In there, you can change the TEMP variable. I suggest something short like c:\temp.

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