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  1. HOTFIXES: Windows XP SP2 & Windows 2000 SP4

    Submited by netquik KB885222 -› Performance of 1394 devices may decrease after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 Download -› 367 KB (December 17, 2004) Switches: KB885222.exe /q /n /z The download link is not working for this update. Here is the correct one: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en Cheers, Steve
  2. I personally don't recommend using a default profile between machines etc. I have seen it cause many varied problems (I too administor hundreds of pc's) For people that don't want to mess with the default you can create any new user and copy their profile over anyone elses profile. But do remember to reset the permissions on it first! Again I don't recomend it but feel free to do what suits you best.
  3. Windows XP SP2 Slipstream Corrupt

    I dug up the folder with all our Microsoft volume licence agreement cd's in it and did mine from 'gold' original disk. As I remember some problem with the beta's and sp1 discs (not the ntfs problem). Glad I am an admin for a school that has all these discs I always try and do the correct / Microsoft recomended way as it saves trouble shooting later. Even though I have access to all their discs I still run Linux on the servers!
  4. HP DeskJet 3600 series Printer Software

    I installed the setup.exe /S which did it silently. Then I installed the 7200 series msi using the line below. PS7200.msi" CI_DO_PNP=False CI_INSTALL_DETECTED_PRINTER=No /qb-! I also tried the 1033 transform file with the line below and that also seemed to work. PS7200.msi" TRANSFORMS=1033.mst I tried setup.exe /A to get an admin install but it wouldn't do it, it just installs normally??? An admin install or a way to modify the transform file would be my preference. I will try the transform editor from the office resource kit tools to edit the original transform file or create a new one next. If I installed the msi first I believe I didn't get the reg values written for the update in run once and the run (suits me). I cann't be sure as uninstall leaves parts behind so its not a clean install anymore. eg if I uninstall and reinstall the setup it picks up I have a 7200 series printer without installing the msi again. I have done all this testing on my laptop without connecting the printer. It hasn't asked me to either (again suit me).
  5. Windows XP SP2 RTM Deploy.cab

    Not sure if I shoud put this in here or start a new topic? What about the other support tool are there any updates for them? eg the application compatibility, file and transfer settings and the remote destop.
  6. SP2 System Restore

    I don't know about other products but mcafee picks up virus in the restore point.
  7. HP DeskJet 3600 series Printer Software

    Are you interested in the same printer? My reply got deleted ??? Oh well What I replied was I use a HP 7260 Photo printer. With the same type of setup files. That gets shared between my main machine, my server and my laptop If I get it working, I'll be using it remotely as well (through wireless and dial in) Looks like I will try both methods now and see what happens! I will report back with my findings
  8. Glad I could help As many have realised there are a lot of different ways to get the same result. Use whatever your comfortable with or whatever you understand best. I always use what I can understand as come trouble shooting time (it will happen) you will know whats going on and will be better able to pinpoint the problem!
  9. HP DeskJet 3600 series Printer Software

    Any news?
  10. Driverpack Wlan - V5.02

    Senao drivers would be great Others I use are Agere / Proxim / Lucent / Orinoco / Avaya / Entersys & rebadged by Compaq, Dell, IBM & more that I can't remember at the moment. They all use the same driver with different inf's so you could get the strings and make one driver for all of them. I am willing to contribute with this if needed. Also Minitar drivers
  11. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 7.1

    The installation designer is the best tool for the job. I only wish more software company's would have programs like this for custom set-ups. This and transform files are the most flexible installs I have done
  12. It does work that way but it's not recomended. The user.dat is full of sid's and other specific information. Microsoft put a tool out for this (although it may just be a pretty way to do the same thing). I have never used it, I have seen this way work and I have seen it cause havoc. I.E. one case I saw an admin users outlook file under the administrator account!
  13. New methods to get the cd-rom letter

    Yes you call it from cmdlines but it injects it into the registry at the 13min mark. So when run once runs (from the hard drive) it has the letter from the cd cause it originally called from cmdlines.
  14. Signed drivers

    Where can I find signed Silicon Image raid drivers?
  15. New methods to get the cd-rom letter

    His method works on either the hd, or cdrom, where the %CD% only works on the cdrom. If it is only effective on the cdrom, then you might as well use %~d0 in your script. %cd% means current directory! It will give the path to where ever you call it from. It is universal. Please try things before saying it won't work as people browse this forum and take information as fact.